Best Automatic Trash Cans – Touchless Garbage Control Sensor

It feels bad to touch a trash can with your hands. Some years ago, there were trash cans that can be opened with the foot by pushing the pedal. Now there are many types of touchless trash cans in the market. The sensor present in the can opens it when it feels something near. They are further modified, now a trash can lock the bad odor inside it. That is hygienic for your health. So your hands are not dirty anymore. You can avoid exposure to the germs and bacteria present in the garbage can.

Stainless steel hands free garbage cans are very common nowadays. People take advantage because they are durable and functional. The best Automatic trash cans are very effective and feasible. The modern sensor technology makes the trash can open the lid when your hand goes near it. Then you can throw the litter without touching it. There are some trash cans with the latest technology that can change the bags automatically. Let’s hunt some of the best touchless trash cans. 

5 Best Touchless Trash Cans 2021

Your home is the safest place for everyone in the family. You try your maximum to keep it hygienic. But do you know indoor air pollution is more hazardous than outdoor air pollution? 

The chemical we use inside our homes and the garbage bins are the main causes of spreading indoor air pollution. We all should dispose of the garbage properly. The open trash can propagate germs quickly. You should use hands-free garbage cans that are suitable for use anywhere either in your home or office. 

Here we will discuss some of the best sensor trash cans. So, keep reading! 

Best Touchless Sensor Trash Can

Glad Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can
Glad Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can
  • Odor protection
  • Touchless garbage bin
  • Soft-closing cover
  • Waste bag rolling compartment 20 Gallon
  • Motion sensor
  • Perfect for large families
  • Protection against bacteria growth
  • Easily dispense
  • Hinged lid frame
  • Bag rings
  • Open/ close button
  • LED lights Count down
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iTouchless Best 13 Gallon Touchless Trash Can iTouchless Best 13 Gallon Touchless Trash Can
  • Stainless steel
  • Odor absorbing filter
  • 13-gallon capacity
  • Full-service promise for 2 years
  • 100% touchless & hygenic
  • Avoid exposure to bacteria and germs
  • Extra-long battery life
  • 2 power options
  • Unique lid status alert
  • Fingerprint proof stainless steel
  • Extra-wide opening
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HomeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can HomeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can
  • Stainless steel
  • 13-gallon capacity
  • Butterfly lid covering
  • Infrared technology
  • Hygienic
  • With AC power adapter
  • Split doors
  • 90-degree swiveling sensor ball
  • Manual or automatic options
  • Smart bag retainer ring
  • Effortless bag removal
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EKO Mirage Touch Free Sensor Trash Cans EKO Mirage Touch Free Sensor Trash Cans
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Motion sensor
  • 13.2 gallon
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Soft-close lid
  • Touchless
  • Touch switch for manual operation
  • Inner rim
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CONIMPO 3.5 Gallon Auto Trash Can CONIMPO 3.5 Gallon Auto Trash Can
  • Stainless steel
  • Infrared motion sensor
  • 3.5 Gallon
  • Multiple ways to open the lid
  • Anti-rust treatment
  • Wonderful sanitary living experience
  • Intelligent recharge
  • Wide range in application
  • Waterproof
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1) Glad Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can

Glad Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can
Glad Stainless Steel Trash Can with Clorox Odor Protection
(image credit: GLAD Store)

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Glad is on a mission to decrease the environment marks. It works on providing a plastic-free atmosphere to the inhabitants of the world. It accommodates not only the environmentally friendly trash bags but also food storage wraps and bags too.  

Glad uses innovation in its products. It has introduced Stainless steel sensor trash can with a soft closing cover and 20-gallon capacity. This trash bin makes you sure about your hygiene. It has odor protection which is the most beneficial for the healthy environment of your home.

20 Gallon Capacity

The best touchless trash can is the perfect trash bin for large families because it can save 20 gallons of trash in it easily. It has almost double the capacity compared to the standard trash cans. 2 years warranty gives you defects-free ease.

Clorox Odor Protection

The odor of the garbage is due to the decomposing mechanism that occurred in the bin. Some kinds of bacteria are responsible for the polluted smell of the trash. This automatic trash can provides Clorox odor protection inside the container that reduces the growth of microorganisms in the garbage.

Rear Bag Compartment

The best automatic trash cans have a rear bag compartment which saves extra garbage bags in it. It is present at the backside of the can. You can take the garbage bag and change it freely.

Bag rings and Hinged Frame

The trash bag rings can keep the bag at its place and provide the security not to keep the bin dirty. The lid frame turns back and offers maximum usability. Then you can live with a touch trash can.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor makes the lid of the can wide open when it feels motion around it. Then it closes the lid within 5 seconds intuitively. Here another innovation is the LED light that counts the seconds, and you can keep an eye on it and throw your trash within the time in the best auto trash can.

Reason for Buying:

Glad stainless steel sensor trash can makes your home environment healthy. It is one of the best automatic trash cans. It can save 20 gallons of trash that are more than enough capacity for a big family. You can open and close it automatically.

The reason is the motion sensor that recognizes slight motion around it. It does not get you close to germs and bacteria and provides polluted odor protection to your home. It is advantageous for the families who need to make them healthy along with their homes.  


Capacity20 Gallon
MaterialStainless steel body with ABS lid
Opening mechanismMotion sensor
Weight15.07 pound
Warranty2 years
Special featureClorox odor protection
Outer bodyFingerprint resistant

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2) iTouchless Best 13 Gallon Touchless Trash Cans

iTouchless Best 13 Gallon Touchless Trash Cans
iTouchless 13 Gallon SensorCan Touchless Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter
(image credit: iTouchless Store)

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iTouchless is a technology company that creates modern featured hygiene tools. It delivers the best waste management accessories, including sensor trash cans, step pedal cans, and open-top cans. It is the best company using technology to make the atmosphere of the world healthy by recycling and composting. 

Its 13-gallon touchless trash can is the best sensor trash can. The company produces different shapes of the sensor trash can. They are touchless having sensor technology and are healthy for use at your home and office.

Reflux Technology

This great trash can works smartly when using reflux technology. That means the lid does not close if it feels any movement near it. It is, therefore, the best automatic trash can.

Hygienic and Durable

The company promises you 2 years warranty with full service. You and your children do not get exposed to the trash directly because the trash can is touchless. It prevents you from getting ill by the germs of waste that are, in fact, decomposers. 

Because of its stainless steel body, the trash can is durable not only physically but also because its technology makes your home air hygienic.

Odor Absorbing Filter

The trash can has activated carbon in it that provides you fresh air in your home. It also absorbs odor and VOCs that cause serious illness. The best thing is that it has a replaceable odor filter. The touchless trash can completely absorbs the trash odor.

Convenient in Use

It has an extra-wide opening inside that can save the bulk of the trash in it. You can throw large boxes of pizza and others in it freely. It has fingerprint resistance covering on the outside of the can. This covering provides you the dirt-free condition of the can. You can wipe it properly.

Unique Lid Status Alert

The trash can has unique lid status. If it is green, that means the lid will stay open, and you can throw the trash. If it blinks red, that means it is about to close, or if it feels any movement near it, it remains open and signals blue. You can say that this is the best 13-gallon touchless trash can.

Reason for Buying:

If you prefer the durability and want to make your home air clean and healthier, you must go for an iTouchless 13 Gallon trash can. The unique lid status makes it convenient to use. Its stainless steel body assures you of its durability.

You can operate it with batteries or an AC adapter. Its wideness gives you a free hand to drop the bulk of garbage in it. Plus, it has two years full-service warranty by the manufacturers.


Capacity13 Gallon
MaterialStainless steel
Opening mechanismMotion sensor with status
Weight7.28 pound
Warranty2 years
Special featureodor Control system
Outer bodyFingerprint resistant

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3) HomeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic No Touch Trash Can

HomeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic No Touch Trash Can
hOmeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen
(image credit: hOmeLabs Store)

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HomeLabs is an electronic company that provides unique accessories to its customers. It manufactures dehumidifiers, refrigerators, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, and more. 

It offers a substantial automatic no-touch trash can. This can saves 13 gallons of trash. It has an exceptional design and uses infrared technology to detect motion around it. You can operate it automatically or manually too. This is one of the best 13-gallon kitchen trash cans.

No-touch Motion Sensor

Its excellent motion sensor detects the motion within six inches around it. It protects you from dirt and harmful bacteria. You can switch the motion sensor ON with the power button, or if you want to use it manually, you can switch OFF the button. The trash can has 90 degrees turning sensor ball. You can adjust it on full activation or side activation.

Infrared Technology

The infrared technology offers an excellent sensor motion detector. It operates quietly, which means no disturbance sound of opening and closing the trash can anymore.


This trash can extends hygienic conditions in your home. Its stainless steel body is easy to maintain. It is durable and innovative in looks and by its functions. 

It can be a perfect fit for your home and even office, which not only maintains hygiene around you but also seems reasonable to place anywhere.

Split Doors

The best touchless trash can 13 gallons has unique style butterfly doors. The lid doors can split apart by the center. It gives you the convenience to use. You can keep it under the counter in the kitchen or under the table in the office. It can be a good selection at places which has low clearance space. 

Trash Bag Retainer Ring

The best 13-gallon trash can has retainer rings that keep the garbage bag at its place. So you do not have to worry about cleaning the can inside. The rings make the trash can look tidy from outside. You can remove the full garbage bag easily due to retainer rings.

Reason for Buying:

HomeLabs delivers the best 13-gallon no touch trash can that uses sensor motion to its function. It has a uniquely designed butterfly lid and operates with infrared technology. You can switch it with batteries or use an AC adapter for its operation.


Capacity13 Gallon
MaterialStainless steel
Opening mechanismMotion sensor with swiveling ball
Weight9.26 pound
Warranty2 years
Special featureButterfly lid
Outer bodyFingerprint resistant

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4) EKO Mirage best sensor trash cans

EKO Mirage best sensor trash cans
EKO Mirage-T 50 Liter
(image credit: EKO Store)

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Eko Mirage is a North American company that provides beautiful and applicable products for its customers. It claims to design the product while keeping its customer satisfaction first. It plans all types of trash cans that can be used at homes or in offices.

There are all types of shapes present in the trash cans. You can also select the height of the trash can according to your need. Its best sensor trash can has an intelligent sensor mechanism that provides no exposure to germs and bacteria.

Intelligent Sensor Mechanism

This mechanism offers the hand-free function of using the trash can. It works smartly and keeps the surroundings clean. It manages trash smoothly. The best automatic trash can has a soft covering lid that assures touchless disposal of the waste.

Inner Rim

The trash can has an inner rim to grip the garbage bag inside the container. It allows easy cleaning of the can by avoiding the bag hold failure. You can quickly dispose of the garbage bag when full. This is the finest feature of the best automatic trash cans.

Touch Switch

You can operate the trash can automatically or use the touch switch to open and close the lid. The lid will open quickly but gently, and so will close the same. This function makes it the best sensor trash can. 

Fingerprint Resistant

The stainless steel outer covering of the trash can offers you fingerprint resistance that is easy for cleaning. The touch free trash can resists the germs’ exposure to the atmosphere.

13-gallon Capacity

The trash bin can save 13 gallons of trash in it easily. So that it is one of the best 13-gallon kitchen trash cans. It is rectangular. That provides more space and easy disposal of the waste.

Reason for Buying:

If you search for a stylish motion tracker and sensor touch trash can that has a clean stainless steel coating outside, you must buy Eko-Mirage best sensor trash can. The sensor works smartly for opening and closing of the lid.

The best automatic trash cans avoid the reproduction of microorganisms present in the trash can. It has an inner rim to fix the trash bag inside the can and dispose of it quickly. This can be the perfect thing you will buy for your home! 


Capacity13.2 Gallon
MaterialStainless steel
Opening mechanismMotion sensor
Weight14.22 pound
Warranty3 years
Special featureIntelligent sensor mechanism
Outer bodyFingerprint resistant

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5) CONIMPO 3.5 Gallon Best Auto Trash Can

CONIMPO 3.5 Gallon Best Auto Trash Can
CONIMPO 3.5 Gallon Automatic Touchless Trash Can
(image credit: Conimpo)

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Conimpo offers you a beautiful red bronze color automatic trash can. It stores 3.5 gallons of trash in it. It has stainless steel covering. This trash can is suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Its oval shape looks elegant, and you can also make its space in your office. 

The best automatic trash cans come with an intelligent lid and a ring liner to fix the trash bag inside. It charges with the USB charging cable in the charging port present on the cover of the container.

Infrared Motion Sensor

The infrared motion sensor allows the touchless operation of the trash can. There are various methods to open the can.

You can knock at the can lightly on the top of the container or on its barrel. The lid will open and then will close automatically. You can open and close it manually by pushing the on/ off digital key at the top of the cover.

Powerful Intelligent System

It is designed with a battery, which does not need to be installed. It is capable of functioning correctly about two months after a full charge. That provides you the best touchless trash cans.

Isolated Odor

The trash can isolates the odor inside. It provides you completely hygienic environment because its lid is perfectly sealed when closed. It keeps flies away, and there is no exposure to dirt. So you can enjoy the fresh air at your place with the best touch free trash can.

Waterproof & Anti-Rust

The trash can has a stainless steel covering. It is anti-rust. It is also waterproof that keeps the can clean and durable. It performs its task of trash storage smartly.

Reason for Buying:

If you are looking for an elegant trash can for your office, you must order Conimpo 3.5 gallons, which is the best auto trash can. It works smartly, and indeed it is your intelligent partner.

You can open it in multiple ways, either knock at the can or use an infrared sensor to open it and operate it manually too. It does not need to install the battery. If you charge it fully, then it can last up to two months.


Capacity3.5 Gallon
MaterialStainless steel
Opening mechanismMotion sensor/ by knocking
Weight4.15 pound
WarrantyNot specify
Special featureIntelligent recharge
Outer bodyFingerprint resistant

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Touch Free Trash Can Shopping Guide

The use of hands-free garbage cans is now becoming popular. There are hundreds of varieties of the best automatic trash cans present in the market that can be in easy reach. But first, you have to decide the place where you want to keep it.

If you are going to buy the trash can for your kitchen, then choose the perfect size suitable for the kitchen’s daily debris. Also, if you want to keep it under the kitchen counter, then search for the ideal size. I will tell you some more things about the trash cans that would be useful for you before making the purchase.

Convenient in Use

The trash can present in your office, kitchen, or bathroom should always be practical and comfortable in use. Of course, you will not spend your time opening the trash can with some efforts. The touchless garbage can should be easygoing while opening and closing; either you use it automatically or manually.

You will be able to freely fix the garbage bag inside it, and it should act friendly when you want to dispose of the trash.

Long Life

Sometimes we use trash cans very casually and carelessly. We can damage its outer parts, or there can be some dents on its body. We open and close the trash can many times a day. It can also spoil its lid.

But what if you get a durable and touchless trash can that has the perfect outer body? Many companies offer warranties of their products, including trash cans. Now you can get the best touchless trash can with few years of full-service security.


If the touchless trash can has narrow spacing and small sections inside it, that won’t be easy to clean it up. If the lid of the can does not open wide, you can face problems in the disposal of the trash and its cleaning.  

That is why the trash can should be wide-spaced to be convenient for cleaning. The latest designs of the no touch trash cans follow this rule. They are easy to clean and give a proper hygienic environment to the users.

Odor Protection

Some of the harmful microorganisms cause odor in the trash bin. If you do not clean it properly or the smell remains in the container, it can be toxic to your health. 

This problem does not exist in the best sensor trash cans of today. It controls or isolates the odor of the decomposed material present in the trash cans and avoids terrible smells in the surroundings. Some of them have sealed lid that makes flies stay away from the trash.

Infuse technology

The best touchless trash can 2021 uses some helpful technologies for motion sensors and odor protection. Infrared technology makes the sensor of the trash bin works, and it opens when feeling any motion near it. 

Odor protection is also a significant function of automatic trash cans. This function keeps safe from bacteria growth in the trash.


As the best touchless trash cans use modern technologies, plus they are made with stainless steel covers. So they can be expensive because they provide you the best hygienic conditions for your surroundings.

But you can search out the budget-friendly trash can that can provide you the same features and benefits within your range.

Best Touchless Trash Can 13 Gallon Benefits

When you use a touch-free trash can, then you experience the following benefits.

  • Your exposure to the debris becomes zero.
  • Most of them have 13 gallons of capacity for trash storage.
  • You will not be affected by the dangerous germs present in the trash can. Because you do not need to touch it.
  • It makes your home air clean and hygienic because it isolates the bad smell inside.
  • You can clean and dispose of the garbage quickly.
  • The touchless garbage can is fingerprint-resistant that keeps it clean from the outside.
  • It helps in the reduction of bacteria growth.
  • The best automatic trash can 2021 is innovative in functioning.
  • It will indicate the lid status before closing the lid.
  • It uncovers with the motion of your hand.
  • You can use it manually by pressing it’s ON/OFF buttons.
  • These can be charged with batteries, a USB cable, or an adapter.
  • The wide opening is comfortable for the bulky trash to get inside the can.
  • It is beautiful to be placed anywhere.
What is the Best Sensor Bin?


If you ask what is the best sensor bin? Then I recommend Glad stainless steel trash can because it has a vast capacity of 20 gallons of trash. It is uniquely designed for a safe environment. It is the best automatic trash can.

The best function of this trash can is that it has Clorox odor protection. This function is present in the lid of the trash can. It provides a reduction of bacteria growth which causes polluted odor in the trash.

The rear bag compartment is its extra feature. That means you do not have to search out the garbage bags. You can freely find it behind the best auto trash can in the compartment. There you can save many trash bags.

Then you can fix the garbage bag with the lid frame. It is easy to dispose of the trash when packed in the bag. If you are putting much of the garbage in the can, press the lid’s open button. It will keep the top open for a while. Then close it with the close button when you are done.

It can sense the motion around it and open the lid for the trash. This avoids your contact with the garbage directly. LED lights count down for 5 seconds, and then it closes the lid gently. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel makes it look perfect every time.

That is why I do suggest buying this best hands free garbage can that is good for large families.

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