Best Flat Top Grills – Commercial & Portable for Camping

Flat top grills are grills with iron tops. They utilize a similar hotness source as barbecues, either charcoal, gas, or power. Flat top grills permit you to cook anything, from steaks and burgers to barbecued vegetables and even flapjacks. Where you could get lopsided hotness appropriation from the blazes on a regular grill, flat top grills heat the cooking region uniformly. They are becoming very famous for using open-air cooking during those tomfoolery setting up camp excursions.

The best flat top grills permit you to prepare considerably more than breakfast. You’ll have the option to make all your beloved breakfast dishes with panache. Yet, you can likewise prepare burgers, sandwiches, sautéed veggies, and Japanese teppanyaki dishes to kick the bucket for. Flat tops grills utilize fluid propane tanks, so all you’ll require is a standard 20-pound tank alongside a controller and hose, and you can get barbecuing straight out the container. There are many flat top grill reviews available. We hope the article will be helpful to you.

Table of Content:

  1. Blackstone Flat Top for Outdoor Grill
  2. Cuisinart Outdoor Flat Top Grills
  3. Blackstone 4-Burner Flat Top Outdoor Grill
  4. Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Flat Top Grill
  5. Blackstone Heavy-Duty Top Rated Flat Top Grill
  6. Camp Chef Cheap Flat Top Grills
  7. Country Smokers Horizon Series Best Flat Top Griddle for Stove
  8. Pit Boss Flat Top Grills LP Gas Griddle
  9. Blackstone 4-Burner Flat Top for Grill
  10. Razor Griddle 4-Burner Steelmade Flat Top Grill

10 Best Rated Flat Top Grill

Flat top grills work in basically the same manner as everyday barbecues. Since flat-top grills frequently have a few burners, you can set every burner independently for what you will cook. The flat top grills utilize the hotness source to equally warm up the burners so you can start preparing your food.

1) Blackstone Flat Top for Outdoor Grill

Blackstone Flat Top for Outdoor Grill
MaterialAlloy Steel
Dimensions 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches
Weight69 Pounds

While you’re looking for the best flat top grills, you’ll before long find that Blackstone flat top grill has a significant presence in this vertical. How does this exemplary iron take care of business, look it below for answer.


First and foremost, you get double burners installed, each equipped for being autonomously controlled. Every one of these burners is appraised at 15,000 BTU, giving you a strong entertainer regardless of its space-saving structure factor.


Estimating 28 crawls across, this barbecue settles on a perfect decision assuming you have restricted room in the backyard. However, you’re not ready to do without a flat top grill. The flat cooking surface is all out 470 square inches, making this Blackstone barbecue an smart bet for more modest families searching for an incredible propane gas frying pan.

What you can cook

From eggs and hotcakes to barbecued cheddar and teppanyaki-style dishes, you have a more significant number of choices available to you than you could initially envision. This flat top grill gives you a flexible option in contrast to a BBQ or smoker, and it’s straightforward to utilize, as well.

Press button start implies this barbecue should begin consistently without fail. Here we discovered a few dissipated objections in client surveys of this flat top grill. While this big barbecue is generally reasonable for a super durable establishment, on the off chance that you want to move it around, you’ll see the value in the wheels under and how it folds down.

Steel Outline

The dark steel outline is powder-covered all through, and the cooktop is produced using moved steel. Assuming you care for this barbecue appropriately, it should give you long periods of reliable assistance.

Buying Decision:

Blackstone is one of the most remarkable brands regarding flat top for outdoor grills, and this open-air iron is our pick of the pack. Albeit this barbecue is weighty at 75 pounds, it comes on a truck with wheels that lock into place for simplicity of transportation. The rack under the barbecue is excellent for obliging a 20-pound tank of liquid propane, all you want to get barbecuing like a pitmaster, regardless of whether you’re a finished novice.

  • Freely controlled burners
  • 30,000 BTU rating
  • Propane-energized for accommodation
  • Comes with twin burners
  • Cold-moved steel cooking surface
  • Detailed quality control issues

2) Cuisinart Outdoor Flat Top Grills

Cuisinart Outdoor Flat Top Grills
SpecificationsTested Values
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions 30.7 x 29.9 x 12.2 inches
Weight71.7 Pounds

Cuisinart has a profound seat of shrewdly planned cookware and apparatuses that convey first-class execution at sensible costs. These outdoor flat top grills show why this brand has such countless fulfilled clients worldwide.

Build Quality

It is a conservative barbecue with twin burners conveying heat evaluated at 30,000 BTU. You can change the temperature of these burners autonomously, so you’ll have more opportunities to cook different dishes simultaneously, making hot and cool spots across the cooking region.


You can change the temperature on this flat top grill from 200F to 550F, giving you the remarkable scope to cook a broad cross-part of your cherished BBQ indulgences. A 360-degree oil dish guarantees all the fat and oil that shows up during your picnic is directed away rather than aggregating.


On the off chance that you disdain task gathering, you ought to have this barbecue ready for action practically right out the case. Permit 30 minutes or so for establishment. There is a collapsing table that is great for preparing food or for presenting. It accompanies a paper towel holder heated in, a tiny yet essential extra. The treated steel cover of this barbecue is vented, Permit you the opportunity to a meal, steam, or smoke fixings and keep them warm before serving.

Buying Decision:

We tracked down not many grumblings regarding this barbecue. However, we can’t say something similar for Cuisinart’s quality control. A few disappointed purchasers report getting harmed barbecues so we would prompt checking your bundle intently upon receipt. You can purchase with certainty here as an extensive 3-year restricted guarantee covers this barbecue.

  • Double burner barbecue
  • 360-degree oil dish
  • Extensive cooking surface
  • 3-year restricted guarantee
  • Utilizes a considerable amount of gas

3) Blackstone 4-Burner Flat Top Outdoor Grill

Blackstone 4-Burner Flat Top Outdoor Grill
SpecificationsFeatured Values
MaterialAlloy Steel
Dimensions 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches
Weight120 Pounds

Blackstone is next to this bigger 4-burner barbecue, making a smooth fit for huge families and anybody seeking a cook for important social events. This flat top outdoor grill is an amazing product by Blackstone.


The flat top cooking grills surface sums 720 square inches, giving abundant space for a significant picnic. The cooktop itself is produced using thick and premium cold-moved steel. The distance is dependable, and it’s straightforward to keep spotless. The casing of the barbecue is produced using powder-covered steel completed in the dark, a triumphant mix of feel and strength.

Ease of Use

Utilizing this gas barbecue is much easier than cooking with a charcoal barbecue or a pellet barbecue. The press-button start guarantees the barbecue begins the first time, without fail. You’ll require a 20-pound tank of liquid propane to control the barbecue. There is space for tank stockpiling given.

Base Rack

A base rack and side rack are great for food prep. This barbecue accompanies an updated oil the board framework. It is presently introduced to the back of the unit rather than sitting at the front.

The all-out burner yield is evaluated at 60,000 BTU, making this a profoundly fit barbecue conveying an expansive scope of temperatures of more than four autonomously controlled burners. As an additional kicker, you’ll have space for a blowout, as well: cook 72 wieners or 16 steaks on this thing in a solitary meeting.

Buying Decision:

Client declaration concerning this barbecue is chiefly sure, yet we observed a couple of problems about unfortunate encounters with client assistance. There are some reviews about evo grill vs blackstone. However long you have the space in the yard to oblige this monster, you’re getting one of the most mind-blowing flat top grills available for anyone from an industry heavyweight.

  • Press button electric start
  • 4 autonomously controlled burners
  • Cook from low to high hotness at 60,000 BTU
  • Extensive cooking surface region
  • Wheeled for simple transportation
  • Side rack with cutting board
  • Some rusting reported

4) Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Flat Top Grill

Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Flat Top Grill
BrandRoyal Gourmet
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions66.1 x 21.8 x 43.7 inches
Weight103.6 Pounds

Royal Gourmet has a profound seat of grills, so how does this compact propane flat top grill model stand and fall. It is an amazing propane flat top grill by Royal Gourmet. These portable flat top grills are in demand of people.


This unit is genuinely significant, tipping the scales at more than 100 pounds and estimating 36 creeps across. You get a correspondingly extensive complete cooking surface area of very nearly 600 square inches, customized for huge picnics.

Ease of Use

Utilizing this fluid propane barbecue couldn’t be more straightforward. You’ll require a 20-pound tank of liquid propane to get everything rolling. Afterward, the electronic start implies you don’t need coordinates, and you’ll get a speedy and straightforward beginning without fail. This unit joins the usefulness of a gas barbecue and a frying pan, so you’ll cook a gigantic scope of delights on a solitary cooking station.

4 Burners

You benefit from 4 burners, and you can handle each of these independently. They are evaluated at 12,000 BTU, each giving you an estimable all-out BTU rating bumping 50,000. There are collapsing legs to separate this barbecue for capacity or transportation. However, the side tables are fixed rather than collapsing.

You should think about this if you want to situate this barbecue in a more tight space. For a novice nice flat top grill offering the consolidated advantages of a gas barbecue and an iron, Royal Gourmet hits a grand slam here.

Buying Decision:

There are many reviews about nexgrill vs Blackstone. But Blackstone is best overall. With such a minor structure factor, this lightweight barbecue is a flawless decision for closely following or use in the RV or on the campground. This flat-top grill is strikingly easy to understand and makes a solid match for novices and more experienced barbecue specialists.

  • Triplet of autonomously controlled burners
  • 25,5000 BTU all-out cooking power
  • Simple to utilize and clean
  • Programmed start framework
  • Fixed side tables
  • Collapsing legs and casters for transportation
  • Some problems with damage in transit

5) Blackstone Heavy-Duty Top Rated Flat Top Grill

Blackstone Heavy-Duty Top Rated Flat Top Grill
SpecificationsTested Values
MaterialAlloy Steel
Dimensions22.5 x 19 x 9 inches
Weight32 Pounds

Blackstone is up once more with a 2-burner gas grill in the good flat top style. There are many best flat top grills 2022 in the marketplace. This model by Blackstone is the top rated flat top grill and is available in the market.


Indeed, this amicable movement unit makes an incredible ally for closely following, setting up camp, or fishing trips. By and prominent aspects are simply 22.5 x 19 x 9 inches, the grill gauges a simple 32 pounds, and it estimates only 22 crawls across. Along these lines, regardless of whether you need a flat top grill for a highly durable set up on the porch or decking, or you’re searching for a compact grill, you outdo the two universes here.


The cooking region sums 339 square inches, so you will not be stiffed looking for a space-saving impression. It makes an excellent fit for singles, couples, or more modest families. Twin burners adding up to 24,000 BTUs in yield permit you to cook a broad scope of your cherished dishes with all the accommodation of a gas grill.

Frying Surface

The frying pan surface is made of moved carbon steel, giving you execution and life expectancy in one beneficial bundle. The cover is likewise profoundly rust-proof. You’ll require a 20-pound tank of liquid propane to fuel this grill, and afterward, you’ll frying pan like an ace regardless of whether you’re a finished amateur.

The hose and controller for the tank don’t come packaged with the grill. This tiny Blackstone grill may be one of the littlest flat top grills in their noteworthy reach, but on the other hand, it’s among awesome.

Buying Decision:

This tiny 22-inch grill is excellent for singles, couples, and more modest families. You can get these grills with or without a hood, and there is a more modest 17-inch model available to you.

Controlled by canisters of liquid propane, you’ll get an easy-to-understand grill that won’t firm you regarding execution from one of the most predominant brands in this vertical.

  • Space-saving impression and smaller travel grill
  • Moved carbon steel cooking grate
  • Evaluated at 24,000 BTU across twin burners
  • Successful oil the management
  • Although portable, but grill is heavy

6) Camp Chef Cheap Flat Top Grills

Camp Chef Cheap Flat Top Grills
SpecificationsFeatured Values
BrandCamp Chef
MaterialAlloy Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Dimensions 22 x 62.5 x 37 inches
Weight139.65 Pounds

Camp Chef flat top grills has a broad scope of profoundly successful open-air grills, so how does this flat top model get down to business. There are some models available by camp which are cheap flat top grills.


Initially, you’ll require a lot of room in the yard to oblige this monster. It is a massive unit weighing around 140 pounds and includes 4 burners for a roomy flat top cooking surface. You’ll profit from wheels so you can move the grill into place without stressing yourself.

The supreme start framework guarantees you’ll start up the grill the first time, without fail. There are four hardened steel burners ready, each evaluated at 12,000 BTU.

Cooking Region

The cooking region available to you here is vast, so this grill is excellent for huge families and any individual who, much of the time, engages for more excellent gatherings. The iron measures more than 600 square inches, so load on the entirety of your cherished breakfast treats. Underneath the frying pan, you approach more than 500 square crawls of grilling space, as well.


Prep racks crease down on one or the other side of the Camp Chef, and there is space to accommodate your propane tank. The oil the board framework setup is fantastic, so you shouldn’t end up confronted with any task cleanup whenever you’re finished cooking.

For a blend of convenience, execution, and generally speaking cooking surface region, this is one of the best cast iron flat top grill/frying pan combos you’ll find.

Buying Decision:

Camp Chef grill is very weighty and significant, the wheeled truck design improves on moving the unit around whenever required. You get both a grill and a frying pan moved into one here, making this one of the most flexible of the relative multitude of flat top grills we audit. You won’t be restricted to breaking a couple of eggs and cooking some bacon on the Camp Chef, so get imaginative.

  • Numerous freely controlled burners
  • Pair of prep racks
  • Simple to utilize and to keep clean
  • An inimitable start framework makes getting everything rolling very simple
  • Quality control concerns raised

7) Country Smokers Horizon Series Best Flat Top Griddle for Stove

Country Smokers Horizon Series Best Flat Top Griddle for Stove
BrandCountry Smokers
Dimensions30.39 x 20.96 x 31.31 inches
Weight31.9 Pounds

On the off chance that the Camp Chef griddle grill above is all in all too huge for your loving, why not consider this convenient gas frying pan from the Country Smokers Horizon Series. It is the best flat top griddle for stove.


You can get rolling right out of the crate with this flat top grill since it comes previously prepared. The maker prepares the grill utilizing a few natural and plant-based oil, so you’re set for the most grounded start. There are many best flat top griddle accessories.

Capacity and Burners

This grill is planned in light of setting up camp and closely following, so the legs are folding to smooth out transportation. A couple of clients whine about the need to persistently straighten out the screws when you shift this grill around, so be ready for this while buying these best flat top griddles 2022.

There are many best flat top griddle recipes. With a couple of burners, each appraised at 11,000 BTU, you’ll have the excellent capability for possible later use for a good picnic for 4 to 6 individuals. The grill space readily available measures just about 400 square inches.

Buying Decision:

The Country Smokes Horizon Series is a lightweight choice that can demonstrate the commonsense prevalence of the flat grill top to newbies. It’s produced using weighty check tempered steel to take open-air discipline.

Most surveys for this grill are cheerful, yet we experienced a small flat top grills bunch of grumblings about testing encounters with client assistance. Considering the cost and execution of this home flat top grill, it stays a good decision for grilling at home or out and about. It is the best flat top griddle for camping.

  • Griddle is pre-seasoned
  • Travel-friendly collapsible legs
  • Rugged stainless steel build
  • Best flat top grills for camping
  • 400 square inches is enough to cook for a family
  • Poor customer care

8) Pit Boss Flat Top Grills LP Gas Griddle

Pit Boss Flat Top Grills LP Gas Griddle
SpecificationsTested Values
ColorBlack Griddle
MaterialStainless Steel, Cast Iron
Dimensions76.97 x 24.09 x 35.04 inches

Pit Boss makes a wide assortment of exceptionally powerful grills, BBQs, and smokers. How does this fluid propane gas iron separate itself, then, at that point. Pit boss flat top grills are amazing products by Pit Boss.


The main thing that strikes you is the broad cooking region on this flat top grill. Adding up to the right around 750 square inches, you can prepare fried eggs, quesadillas, fajitas, or singed steaks, among numerous rarities. Although this extensive cooking gill overlap down racks on one side, ideal for preparing food or plating it up before serving. The legs additionally overlay, so you can stash the grill between utilizes to leave it outside.

4 Burners

There are four burners, and you can handle the result of each freely. With an absolute appraised result of 62,000 BTU, you will not be found lacking on the power front. Not at all like a few frying pans; this one comes pre-prepared, so you’ll be great to get moving without acting formal. In all regards, this is an easy-to-understand iron that is undeniably fit for amateurs and more experienced specialists.

Oil Plate

The oil plate is situated at the front of this grill, and it assists with keeping things perfect as you cook. Keeping up with this grill is direct. However long you clean it down after every barbecue, you shouldn’t have to do considerably more than profound clean it once per month.

Buying Decision:

Ideal for a highly durable establishment in the yard, you’ll get wheels on this grill so you can move it around without stressing yourself. Produced using strong steel all through, this grill can be left outside – as long as you cover it, obviously – and it will face the components without eroding and rusting out. A small bunch of clients grumble about getting harmed grills, so we would propose you intently look at your bundle upon receipt.

  • Generous cooking surface area
  • Side shelves and folding legs
  • Griddle comes pre-seasoned
  • Hugely versatile
  • 62,000 total BTU rating
  • Quality control issues reported

9) Blackstone 4-Burner Flat Top for Grill

Blackstone 4-Burner Flat Top for Grill
SpecificationsFeatured Values
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions66.52 x 27.6 x 35.43 inches
Weight134 Pounds

The incomparable Blackstone hits again with this traditional flat top for grill. For enormous families or anybody as often as possible facilitating huge picnics, this is one of the more significant grills in this class, with a total cooking surface area of 720 square inches.


As well as a liberal cooking region, you likewise get the comfort and flexibility of 4 burners, all equipped for being freely controlled. It expands your choices and permits you to prepare numerous dishes simultaneously.

What you can Cook

If you envisioned frying pans were a restricted technique for cooking, you might be shocked at the expansiveness of plans available to you utilizing this Blackstone iron. Your creative mind is your principal limit, from steak and chicken to veggies and fish. Regardless of whether you commonly connected irons with burgers, you’ll be a believer once you stir some up on your new Blackstone.

Handles and Wheels

Handles on this unit are produced using plastic and are heat-impervious to forestall any seared fingers. Outfitted with lockable wheels under, you can undoubtedly move your grill around and afterward lock it safely into the right spot so you can cook with certainty.

However long you make arrangements for a 20-pound tank of propane, you can get rolling right out the case with super-accommodation gas grilling in possession of an industry titan.

Buying Decision:

It is a new and updated model with an upgraded oil the board framework to make your life even cleaner and more straightforward while you’re grilling out. Under the grill, there is plentiful space for your propane tank on the capacity rack given. You likewise get a couple of food prep tables on one or the other side. Set on collapsing legs with lockable casters, this grill may be a heavyweight, but on the other hand, it’s easy to move around when required.

  • Unbeatable brand heritage
  • Huge cooking area
  • Removable cutting board
  • Independently controlled burners
  • Efficient grease management
  • Fit and finish could be improved

10) Razor Griddle 4-Burner Steelmade Flat Top Grill

Razor Griddle 4-Burner Steelmade Flat Top Grill
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions77 x 24 x 35 inches
Weight118.17 pounds

The Razor frying pan probably won’t be the top name that comes into view when you consider steelmade flat top grills, yet what do you get assuming you’re ready to take a risk on an untouchable?


Albeit the producer doesn’t reveal the whole cooking surface region as far as square inches, they put this into plain English, all things being equal: you’ll have the space to cook north of 50 burgers on this thing, all that anyone could need for most practical purposes.


The 37-inch frying pan comes furnished with four principle burners, each made of tempered steel and appraised at 62,000 BTU aggregately. These can generally be independently controlled for absolute adaptability.

Side Racks

Side racks collapse to save space when you’re not preparing or serving food. The expansion of a singing burner on this grill empowers you to give that brand name final detail on your steaks.

Most client audits of this iron are positive, yet we experienced a few dissipated grumblings about the consistency of the cooking surface, for certain hot and cool spots announced. Generally, you’re getting a solid and open fluid propane iron that stands apart as one of the most incredible flat top grills you’ll find.

Buying Decision:

This burn zone makes for a more productive cooking process by working on your temperature zones. The iron flaunts a thick 750 square-inch rolled-steel surface to cook for a military. Surprisingly better, this iron has a collapsible form, so you can carry it to picnics, setting up camp outings, or rear ends, regardless of its bigger size. It is commercial flat top grill. It’s very much constructed, has a massive load of force, and has a decent look. It’s marvelous.

  • Pair of folding shelves
  • Four stainless steel burners
  • Sprawling total surface area
  • It features four stainless steel burners
  • Some high and low spots

What Are the Different Types of Flat Top Grills?

There are a few kinds of flat top grills available.

1) Full-Size Flat Top Grills

On the off chance that you don’t anticipate barbecuing in a hurry, standard size Flat top grills are the best approach. They are bigger and harder to get together; however, they regularly offer a bigger barbecuing surface. These will regularly accompany a side table, treated steel burners, cast iron frying pan top, and simple to clean lube the board framework.

2) Tabletop Flat Top Grills

Tabletop flat top grills are convenient barbecues you can take with you in a hurry. They will sit on a table, counter, or anything that level, the rigid surface you have access to so you can barbecue in a hurry. Besides the size and compactness contrasts between tabletop and standard size level top barbecues, they shift in their hotness source.

There are some evo grill alternatives available:

Gas: Gas is the most usually utilized hotness hotspot for level top barbecues since it takes into account temperature control while cooking

Charcoal: Charcoal offers something gas barbecues can’t, including smoke and the remaining blend while cooking. The smoke gives the food that charbroiled taste many individuals love. It is phenomenal for frying pans.

Electric: You could observe level top barbecues that utilization power as a hotness source. Electric barbecues heat up speedier than the others, yet you won’t get that genuine barbecued taste.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying a Best Flat Top Grill

Presently, while you might be knowledgeable in looking at charcoal grills or electric smokers, you probably won’t be so confident while you’re attempting to separate the best flat top grills. Think about the accompanying pointers to improve on your purchasing choice:


You should contemplate your planned use before looking for flat top grills. At the upper finish of estimating, a business iron permits you to cook for 50 individuals. Chances are, you won’t require this much limit. If you just want to cook for a bit of family, a grill of 300 square inches should do the trick.

Assuming you have a more prominent family, or you regularly engage for larger quantities of visitors, search for a flat top grill with lid with a complete cooking area of 500 square inches or more. You additionally need to guarantee that you have sufficient room on your porch or deck to oblige the grill

Number of Burners:

If you choose a flat top grill with only a couple of burners, you’ll find it more abnormal to make numerous hotness zones. It can be dangerous since irons don’t highlight warming racks. The hotness delivered doesn’t transmit thoroughly enough for an optional cooking region. You ought to guarantee you can handle different burners freely for added adaptability while you’re grilling. More burners additionally mean your grill finds a good pace speedier

Temperature Control:

You can get manual and thermostatic temperature controls with gas frying pans. In any case, controlling the temperature is a lot simpler than while you’re utilizing a charcoal grill


Even the vast and massive flat top grills on our waitlist come furnished with lockable wheels to improve transportation. Assuming you want a versatile grill for closely following, we audit a few minimal frying pans ideal for this reason

Cooking Plate:

Make sure the top plate is produced using steel or cast iron and is thick and solid. The more costly flat top grills accompany hardened steel or chrome cooking plates. The plate ought to likewise be not tricky to spotless and rust-proof. Thicker plates hold heat better, and they are likewise more averse to twist

Ease of Cleaning:

Look for irons with productive oil, the board frameworks, and simple consideration plates.



Our top pick is the 28″ Blackstone Flat Top Griddle since they produce the best quality flat top grills that will endure forever. The question is what is the best flat top grill to buy?  It is the best flat top grill for stove.
Whether you need a versatile iron or a bigger model for home use, Blackstone won’t let you down, regardless of which model you pick. The request is high for Blackstone Grills, so get your hands on your beloved model and have it delivered to your doorstep from Amazon today. It is the best rated flat top grill.

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