8 Best Bluetooth BBQ Thermometers for Smoking & Grilling Review

This summer, chances are you’re grilling out or using a smoker to enjoy a BBQ. Besides spending an afternoon at the poolside or in a nearby park with friends and family, summer is all about spending quality time with people you care about. The aroma of food cooking on the grill fills the air as you relax and enjoy a drink with your family and friends.

After almost a year, you’re eager to fire up the grill and impress your friends, but when you run over to it, you see a small cloud of smoke rising from the grill, obscuring the view of the meal. It looks like the steaks caught on fire.

The knack of grilling food to perfection takes a few practice sessions. Sure, most of us keep an eye on our grill, however, what if someone could tap us on the shoulder and say, the food is ready?

Technology allows you to enjoy your food with this convenience, keeping a close eye on your meat while you’re running errands. In this post, we’ll examine the best Bluetooth meat thermometers and recommend the top models.

Top 8 Best Bluetooth BBQ Thermometers in Market

Products In This Article:

  1. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer (RECOMMENDED)
  2. MEATER Plus Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer
  3. InkBird IBT-4XS Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer
  4. InkBird IBT-6XS Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer
  5. Weber I Grill Mini Thermometer
  6. Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer
  7. Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer
  8. Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth Digital Thermometer

Here are eight of the best Bluetooth BBQ thermometers currently available on the market. These are the best thermometers you can use on your smartphone or tablet to keep track of your grill or smoker.

1) ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

You’ll find a lot of complaints about Bluetooth-only thermometers about range failures and connection failures in customer reviews. It is unlikely that you will notice this issue because every setup and material is different. Bluetooth is not good at moving around a large space and among different materials.

It’s also hard to say if you will be experiencing this issue since each system and material will be different. We always recommend getting a device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, such as the Signals from ThermoWorks, if you can afford to spend a little more.

The smart thermometer pairs wirelessly with your home WiFi network and then uses your WiFi connection for the smoothest results. It will fall back to Bluetooth if your WiFi is lost, so there is no interruption.

In addition to measuring up to four probes simultaneously, the Signals enables you to measure the temperature of one probe simultaneously at a time; however, Weber offers two probes while ThermoWorks offers four.

A large backlit LCD screen displays all your temperatures simultaneously on the Signal, making it much more impressive than the grill 2. Additionally, it feels much more rugged, and it can withstand most weather conditions with IP66 water resistance. Using Signals has been a learning experience for me, as I outline in the video below.

Feature Highlights:

  • WiFi/Bluetooth Combo: There is definitely a price difference. However, the WiFi connects you to your thermometer over a much wider range and makes it a lot more reliable than the competition.
  • Fantastic app and cloud experience: Weber’s app is competent, but the ThermoWorks app offers some more advanced features. For instance, it is possible to save cooks and access them later.
  • Add on Billows for automatic temp control: Use the Signals to control the temperature of your oven if you use a charcoal smoker. If you use a gas smoker, you can add a hood fan and use the Billows Fan.

Things that can be improved:

  • More expensive: Despite its improved build quality and WIFI/Bluetooth combo, you’ll need to pay for those features.
  • Battery life: With 16 hours of use, you will need to keep the device plugged in during use and charge it regularly using the USB charger.

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2) MEATER Plus 165ft Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth

MEATER Plus Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth

Among all the meat thermometers we have tested, the MEATER+ is the only truly wireless Bluetooth thermometer. The MEATER+ connects to a transmitter mounted next to your grill instead of using wired temperature probes. Despite the fact that this makes for an attractive product, the location of the Bluetooth receiver in the grill limits its range.

Because of the range problem, the original Meater was virtually useless when the lid was on the grill. Manufacturer specifications indicated the maximum height was only 10 feet with the cover on. The Meater+ offers a range of 165 feet inside a smoker, completely blowing that out of the water.

Rather than leaving your phone close to your smoker, the wood charger becomes a Bluetooth signal extender, drastically increasing its range. This is still a significant improvement over the original product.

Also, you may be interested in the MEATER Block, which is a group of four Meater+ probes packaged together with a charging base with some extra features.

Feature Highlights:

  • Totally wireless design: Those who cook with rotisseries will especially appreciate the Meater+.
  • Excellent app design: There is no comparison between Meater and the iGrill 2 in terms of design and functionality. The cooking time estimation is a terrific feature that makes it simple to decide exactly when to serve your meat.
  • Charging case and range extender: The charging case is transformed into a range extender is a great idea and makes this product much more valuable.

Things that can be improved:

  • Bluetooth connection can be spotty: All Bluetooth thermometers suffer from this problem, unfortunately. Combined with heat radiation and distance, Bluetooth thermometers are just not a great technology.
  • Some people will have no issues with Bluetooth thermometers, while others will encounter problems depending on their own home layout.

3) InkBird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer

InkBird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer

Our other best-buy thermometers are from established, well-known brands. InkBird is a relatively new player on the market, but with the IBT-4XS they have created the best value-for-money Bluetooth thermometer on the market.

Despite being our top budget pick, the IBT-4XS is very similar to the more expensive iGrill 2. Both thermometers have a range of 150 feet and can accommodate up to 4 probes.

There are similarities in both setup and product design. It features a Bluetooth transmitter that sits next to the smoker, which is connected to your phone. Each control is accessible through the companion app.

Unlike many models, the magnetic base of this device makes it easy to connect it to magnetic surfaces, and the 59-inch probes enable you to position it in different places around your smoker. However, apart from these minor issues, the IBT-4XS represents outstanding value. I highly recommend that you check it out.

Feature Highlights:

  • Value for money: For significantly less than the iGrill package with two probes, you can pick up this 4 probe InkBird. It does come with one year fewer warranty but otherwise has comparable features, probing power and build quality.
  • Using the app is easy: We found that both Weber and Maverick struggled with their companion apps. Since you spend 90% of your time using this thermometer in the app, the ease of use and design was crucial. From pairing to data collection and monitoring temperatures, the IBT-4XS performed beautifully.
  • Accuracy and range: With the ultra-accurate Thermapen we could already compare to the InkBird and found the temperature to be within a degree or two.

Things To Improve:

  • Weak App: It has a limited range of features compared to the iGrill or Signals applications.
  • Lack of Waterproofing: Having purchased this thermometer, we only had one complaint: it was not waterproof.
  • Single probe Design: The probes for testing meat are designed for the purpose of meat. Although it is a small problem, the probe’s curve takes up more space than you’d like when you are measuring your pit temperature.

4) Inkbird Grill Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Wireless IBT-6XS, 6 Probes

Inkbird Grill Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Wireless IBT-6XS, 6 Probes

Bluetooth functionality has been added to ThermoWorks’ Inkbird Bluetooth Grill BBQ Meat thermometer, making it even more powerful and useful. Because it only did one thing exceptionally well, the original Inkbird Bluetooth Grill BBQ Meat Thermometer was incredibly successful.

The Bluetooth capability of this thermometer obviously has an impact on its performance. There aren’t any downsides – you still get all the features you would expect. Considering its compact size, the Inkbird Bluetooth Grill BBQ Meat Thermometer has a decently big LCD screen, which can be used to easily monitor current temperatures and alarm states.

In addition to having IP65 splash protection, it can withstand a few raindrops or splashed water, so long as you don’t wash it under running water. This version of Thermos Works offers you the ability to track your temperature thanks to its app on IOS and Android.

As you cook, the app tracks the highest and lowest temperatures throughout so you can see if any temperature spikes occurred while you were cooking. There are also some concerns about the short-range (95 feet line of sight), but this is true of many Bluetooth thermometers.

Feature Highlights:

  • Rechargeable Battery: With a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery and a 1.64ft USB cable, this wireless meat thermometer gives you about 40 hours of use once fully charged. The automatic battery indicator makes checking the battery level easy. Please note that the charger only works with 5V 1000mAh cables.
  • Magnetic Design: Especially if monitoring one temperature is all you need, the does an excellent job, as well as offers several additional features.
  • Rotatable Screen: Digital barbecue thermometer’s back is magnetized, so it can stick firmly to the smoker or oven. BTW, the power button can give you read-able readings both horizontally and vertically. Please do not put the BBQ thermometer in high temperatures places.

Things That Can Be Improved:

  • ThermoWorks App: Several users have reported problems with the app crashing and losing connection. Our experience was decent, but the app doesn’t look as polished as some of its competitors.

5) Weber I Grill Mini Thermometer for Smoking and Grilling

Weber I Grill Mini

You should consider it if you want to monitor the meat temperature in a smoker, but do not want to spend a tremendous amount of money on a piece of tech that may not operate in your home due to construction materials.

The i Grill 3 has a few key differences from its sibling reviewed above. Here are some of the differences:

There is only one meat probe included and it can only connect to one probe at a time, so you can’t monitor ambient and meat temperatures at the same time without purchasing two of these. With the iGrill2, you get 200 hours of power versus 150 hours with this.

Feature Highlights:

  • Despite being cheaper than existing temperature probes, the iGrill mini offers the same range and utility. It’s a good option if you already have other temperature probes that you can use to measure ambient temperatures.

Things Need To Be Improved:

  • You can always start with one to take your core temperature or food and buy another later. But you’re probably better off saving for the iGrill 2. If you’re looking to start taking and graphing your temperature on your phone, don’t expect it to impress old-school miners. 

6) Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer for Grilling

Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer

A popular Bluetooth thermometer from Weber, the iGrill 2, allows you to monitor your grill temperature and that of your meat using your smartphone or tablet. It has been enhanced over the years, as reflected by its 4.4 and 4.7/5 ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

There is one standard probe and the option of adding up to four more on Amazon. Additional probes can be bought on the website. In addition to the Mini, Weber also sells an iGrill 2, and an iGrill 3.

Although an iGrill 3 might seem to be a newer version, this is actually not the case. According to Weber, the difference is as follows: We recommend checking out the iGrill 2 if you own a Genesis II, Genesis II LX, or Spirit II grill because the iGrill 3 is only compatible with the Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II grills.

Even though Weber is largely unmatched in the barbecue industry, its entry into the tech sector remains to be proved. At first, there were a number of problems with the app, but since then they have continued to add new features and improve the user experience.

A feature of this app that I really enjoy is the ability to name your probes. Thus, instead of having to keep track of which probe is in the grill and which one is in the meat, each probe can have a custom name so that you can instantly see the temperature when you glance at your tablet or phone.

Because the iGrill 2 has a proximity sensor, when you walk away with your device, the display will shut off automatically. The battery is saved while you’re using your own device but turns back on when you’re walking back. It’s not ideal to monitor the temperature while you’re smoking if you put your phone or tablet to sleep, as it breaks the Bluetooth connection.

Even so, we have heard of a few people having problems with the range. Our recommendation is to not expect great results if you plan to spend much time in your man cave. If you can’t understand how the phone is working, you will need to talk to the technician.

In addition to Bluetooth and the app, how does the iGrill perform? It can measure between -22°F and 572°F and the probes are within 1 degree measured in boiling water. So it earns a tick for accuracy.

I found the 48″ probes to be an excellent addition compared to most thermometers’ 36″ probes. The extra length allows you to set up your pit in different ways. Among all Bluetooth thermometers, the I Grill 2 is the winner.

I like the idea of being able to see temperature graphs on my phone, and I like being able to monitor my cooker from a single device, so the I Grill 2 would be my personal choice.

Feature Highlights:

  1. Bluetooth Range & Pairing: We’ve improved the range and pairing for a smoother experience and we believe you’ll be able to connect with other Bluetooth thermometers in under 2 seconds. However, given the 150 ft advertised range, it’s less than the 300 ft range available on the Maverick ET-733, but it is now sufficient that you don’t have to worry about losing connection.
  2. Capacity for 4 Probes: I like that the thermometer features 4 probes. In addition to working on multiple smokers, it can also be used on meats. This provides a lot of versatility for a single thermometer. The thermometer comes with two probes, but you can order more through Amazon.
  3. Best in Class Phone App: Even though we received many complaints on release, the app has steadily improved. The high ranking on Google Play demonstrates how Weber is regularly addressing issues.

Things that can be Improved:

  • The app can drain your device battery: Your phone needs to be running continuously so the Grill 2 can remain connected.
  • The range can be problematic: A 150-foot range thermometer is subject to change based on the style of the house and the form of the building material. For some individuals, the range is significantly less than advertised.

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7) Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer with Digital Display & Stainless Dual Probes

Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

In terms of smart thermometers that combine WiFi and Bluetooth, Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometers are neck and neck. Our guide to the best automatic temperature controllers provides more information about how the Drive combines with a blower fan to control the heat from your charcoal grill.

It’s not something we’ve tested yet, but this is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home as well as the Apple Watch, so you can watch the temperature of your smoker using your home assistant.

Aren’t we blessed to live in an exciting time? Quite a bit of the features on the Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer are similar to those on the ThermoWorks Signals, so definitely make sure you check them both out as well

Feature Highlights:

  • Excellent app experience: My favorite part of the app is the clean, user-friendly design. All the information you require is at your fingertips, the temperature graphs are easy to read, and you can save sessions for later reference.
  • Featuring up to six probes, this thermometer is reliable and accurate: The machines are shipped with just one ambient and two food probes, and you can add as many more as you like through the online store.
  • Monitor temperatures from any location: Having a cloud-connected thermometer allows you to check your temperature anytime from any browser… Ideal for keeping the smoker going while you’re at work…
  • Add temperature control: Your charcoal or wood smoker will automatically regulate temperature with a fan connected to the FireBoard.

Things Need To Improve:

  • There are no cooking presets: I actually like the setting of your own temperature alarms more than choosing from presets on the iGrill because I think the presets are not always the best settings. However, it may be a pain for some to set reminders for the temperature.

8) Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth Digital Thermometer

Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth Digital Thermometer

Whether you’re looking for a mid-priced digital thermometer or a high end digital thermometer, Maverick is a leader in the market. Its ET-733 and ET-732 are widely used.

So far, Maverick’s foray into the world of tech gadgets has not been very successful, but it can certainly be expected since it has a GPS thermometer.

The ET-735 is a great thermometer that offers a lot to its users. Like the iGrill 2, it offers up to four probe connections (the unit comes with two) and is 36 inches long which gives lots of flexibility when determining how large your smoking area should be.

Feature Highlights:

  • Its specs claim a wireless range of 160 feet, which is 10 feet longer than the iGrill 2, but like the iGrill, the actual range you can expect will differ greatly depending on materials such as how big your device is and how close it is to the thermometer.

Things that can be improved:

  • The entire point of purchasing a Bluetooth thermometer is to be able to wander around the house, without worrying about finding the thermostat, and easily check the temperature. It’s a shame manufacturers have to specify the range in the clear air.

What are the Features of the ET-735 App?

With the app, you can choose from default temperature settings or customize them. You’ll be notified when the target temperature is reached. The app provides a battery level indicator.

It’ll all come down to whether you like the BBQ Redi-Chek app. The app initially did not receive great reviews with lots of connectivity issues and very low range. Owners of the ET-735 either love it or hate it.

There were updates to the application released in October 2016 that seem to have fixed many of the issues with the app. However, most tech products get regular updates from the manufacturer.

Wifi vs Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Explained

Wifi vs Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Explained

WiFi thermometers have always been around, and while devices keep getting better, the technology isn’t very exciting. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion in Bluetooth enabled thermometers.

With Bluetooth thermometers, you can always pair them with your smartphone or tablet. Instead of carrying around a bulky receiver, you can check your core or meat temperature on your phone. These apps also have other cool features like temperature graphs, probe names, and custom temperature alerts.

Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Thermometer

Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Thermometer

Of course, having the app installed on your phone is the main benefit.

The phone app you install gets better with every new version of the business. While the original iGrill app struggled, they rebuilt it for the iGrill 2 and made it a lot better. Now each new version fixes issues where, like an old thermometer, you can’t make changes if you don’t want to see how something works.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

In theory, connecting your barbecue thermometer to your smartphone would be a big upgrade. Before you toss your old WiFi thermometer in the trash, however, you should take a look at the Bluetooth comparison.

Bluetooth should have low power consumption so that the signal does not propagate as well as the WLAN.  The main problem with Bluetooth thermometers is that the new functions and ease of use mean you give up the range.

Common Problems with Bluetooth Thermometers

Common Problems with Bluetooth Thermometers

Compared to Bluetooth, WiFi thermometers are quite easy to check. Although the range varies a bit depending on the building materials of each house, in general everything is similar.

With Bluetooth, on the other hand, the device someone is using (for example, Android or iPhone), the version they are using, the location they are in, the version of the application they are running affects the quality of experience.

This explains why you see so many mixed reviews for devices like the iGrill 2. Someone using it on their iPhone 7 can enjoy seamless connectivity while those using an older Samsung Galaxy can benefit from seamless connectivity. wrong. When choosing a Bluetooth thermometer, here are some of the most common problems you may encounter

Bluetooth antennas are notoriously ugly on some types of phones. We have heard that people have a much worse range with the Samsung Galaxy than with similar phones from HTC, LG and IPhones. Once you’ve paired your device, the app must be running for it to stay connected. It can be annoying if you cook for a long time, and it will likely reduce battery life.

It’s hard to know exactly what range you are getting. While the iGrill 2 claims a range of up to 150 feet, it can drop up to 10 feet depending on a number of factors. You can lose the connection to your phone through the walls of the house. The choice of Bluetooth is a question of compromise. Having your meat or core temperature on your phone is great, but the phone’s battery drains quickly.

If you cook long hours and like to nap, you are probably relying on the thermometer alarm to wake you up. With Bluetooth, you need to make sure your phone is always on and connected. Otherwise, your screen will turn off and you will not receive any notifications. With a reliable older Maverick ET-733, you don’t have to worry about it turning off or the walls in your home cutting your temperature readings.

How to Fix Connection Issues with Your Bluetooth Thermometer?

Bluetooth is still a relatively unreliable technology. When it works, it’s great, but sometimes devices don’t like to play well. Since Bluetooth is on the same frequency as 2.4 WIFI, problems may arise if there are too many devices. Solve this problem by having your kids put their phones in airport mode.

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