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To be completely honest, I’ve always wanted best mini oven since I was a kid.

I wasn’t particularly fond of cooking until Tom and I got married (and even then, I was known to burn broth every now and then), but I always enjoyed tinkering in the kitchen and preferably follow someone who knew what they were doing.

Unfortunately, I have never had a mini oven. I switched straight to the full-size device and still use it today. But for the sake of the thing, I’ve put together a bunch of 10 templates here that I think would come in handy if you’re in the market for one.

Why have a mini oven, I hear you ask?

Well, there is the whole aspect of the childhood dream. On the other hand, there is all of this:

  • It’s compact enough to fit into the smallest kitchen: in dorms, caravans, studios, on boats, in offices, etc.
  • This is a great boost when preparing very large meals
  • It cooks meals faster than regular ovens (which as far as I know has something to do with fans)
  • It is versatile enough to grill, roast and bake all kinds of dishes
  • It uses less energy than a normal oven
  • Due to its smaller size, it is easier to clean

If any of the above sounds even remotely appealing, let’s move right along.

Best Mini Ovens To Buy In 2021 

After doing some research, I found that these 10 best mini ovens. Hopefully one of them will meet your needs as well:


1 – Sage BOV820BSS Smart Oven Pro with Element IQ

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 47 x 32 x 28 centimetres
  • Capacity: 21 litres
  • Power: 24000 watts
  • Colour: silver

There’s a reason this model is called the smart oven – because it’s definitely the smartest around. While you have some control over it, as it’s able to adjust settings while baking or roasting, your meals will be perfect (almost) every time and you won’t have to revisit them every once in a while.

While talking about the best mini oven, This mini oven has ten functions to choose from (including bake, bagel, roast, broil, cookies, pizza, reheat, hot bake and slow cook). However, you can override these settings and create your own. There is also a toast function which allows you to get rid of the toaster which only takes up extra space and enjoy Marmite in the morning on a fresh, crispy slice.

What also sets this mini oven apart is the way it provides heat: it uses a convection fan and has five quartz heating elements that adapt throughout the cooking process, distributing the heat. evenly where it is needed. This technology also means that it heats up very quickly, so you don’t have to wait for it to reach a certain temperature.

The LCD screen shows you the temperature you are cooking at and how long you have left until the end of your meal. When the oven lights up inside, you can easily check if something needs to be turned or stapled.

While talking about the best mini oven, However, this model has a small drawback – the interior is small, so you probably will not be able to fit the trays you already have in it. However, it comes with its own compartment and rack, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Likewise, if you plan on cooking a lot, this model might not be the best choice as it does not match temperatures as well as others (due to its smart technology) which may not be the case. not be the best option for some of your baked goods.


  • Easy to use and very smart
  • Heats up fast and cooks meals to perfection


  • Rather small on the inside, so you can’t use most of your own trays

2 – Dualit 89200 Mini Oven

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 42 x 36 x 25 centimetres
  • Capacity: 18 litres
  • Power: 13000 watts
  • Colour: chrome

What I particularly like about this model is that it only takes three minutes to heat up to 180 ° C (and a little less than five to get to 230 ° C) which makes it very fast and very handy when you need lunch on your table in less than half an hour.

Another cool feature is the curved design that allows you to put plates and other round bowls (like pizza bowls or round cake pans) inside, which makes heating a plate with remains a little easier and less messy.

It contains all kinds of different programs (including handy defrost, broil, bake and convection) that will make all your cooking easy.

It’s pretty small too, so it fits very well in small kitchens, but it’s still powerful enough to get the job done efficiently.

There is of course a downside: in fact, there are several.

First of all, the outside of this mini oven is very hot. So you need to make sure that you only approach it with a stove.

There is also no interior lighting which can make measuring when a dish is ready a more difficult task.

Finally, the temperature and timer dials are a bit of a nuisance as the temperature degrees are not clearly indicated (there are only 100, 140, 180, and 230 degree marks), and the timer dial is also a bit difficult to adjust. This may or may not be a problem for you, but keep this in mind.

If you are looking for a lot of precision cooking, this mini oven may not be for you. Otherwise, this is a great option and worth exploring if you don’t mind the cons I have listed.


  • Heats up quickly and the temperatures go up to 230°C
  • Has a rounded back, so you can fit all kinds of plates and trays inside


  • The exterior gets very hot while cooking
  • The timer and temperature dials are on the fiddly side and not very precise

3 – VonShef 28L Mini Oven Cooker Grill

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 41.1 x 47.7 x 29.4 centimetres
  • Capacity: 30 litres
  • Power: 1600 watts
  • Colour: black

This particular mini-oven is also equipped with a hotplate. This is especially useful if you are looking for an appliance that can replace your regular oven. Perfect for small apartments, dorms or even boats and other moves.

There is a smaller and larger hob, one with 1000W and one with up to 1600W, so you shouldn’t have any particular problems cooking most standard dishes, boiling a kettle or heating a dish.

The oven itself has 3 heating configurations and an upper and lower heating element that can be used simultaneously or separately, so all your baked goods and roasts will be prepared to perfection.

It also comes with a wire rack, baking rack, and non-stick griddle so you won’t have a problem grilling, roasting or baking anything you can dream of. There’s also a crumb tray that you can use to catch anything that spills or drips, making cleanup a bit easier. A convenient tray handle is also included that you can use to add and remove trays from the oven.

Temperatures can be set between 70 ° C and 230 ° C, and you can set the timer for 120 minutes (which can be a bit low if you want to roast something bigger, so you have to go back to the oven and turn it on. the again one – but it’s also more than some other models).

Since this is more of a small mini-oven model, the punch it packs is pleasantly surprising. A great choice when you want to save space but don’t want to compromise on taste.


  • Small but powerful
  • Has two hobs, which make it a great replacement for what is otherwise a much larger appliance


  • Might take a bit longer to cook meals than other models

4 – Oypla 26 Litre Electrical Mini Compact Oven

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 56.5 x 40.5 x 39.4 centimetres
  • Capacity: 26 litres
  • Power: 15000 watts – 2900 watts
  • Hotplates: 800 watts and 600 watts
  • Colour: black

This Oypla mini oven has enough capacity to help you prepare even more elaborate meals, while still being small enough to fit into a compact apartment without feeling too crowded.

It has four heating elements (two hotplates and two in the oven itself) and an output of between 1500W and 2900W – which means it can heat up to 100 ° C to 250 ° C. These temperatures seem to be the most ideal for this type of oven, as I have found.

This model also has two hotplates, one with 800W power and the other with 600W, so you can still cook something on the hotplate even if you don’t have it. ‘space for a larger device.

This model doesn’t have a timer – which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you like to cook. Personally, I’m used to setting my own timers and checking my dishes so I don’t mind not having a timer.

The three knobs control all three units (hob + oven), but like some other models the temperature markings are a bit intuitive and you have to guess where exactly 180 ° C is, for example.

Overall I would say this is another great model that lets you grill, bake, and fry whatever you need. Thanks to the non-stick surface, it is easy to clean. The included tongs make it easy to rotate and make cooking easier. There is also a grill and a baking sheet which will come in very handy.


  • Easy to clean and fast to heat up
  • Has two hotplates that make it ideal for small spaces


  • Takes some getting used to the knobs and temperature settings

5 – De’Longhi EO12012 Mini Oven

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 46 x 34 x 23 centimetres
  • Capacity: 12.5 litres
  • Power: 14000 watts
  • Colour: white

This is a mini oven model that is very easy to mistake for a microwave – it definitely looks the same.

But let’s not be put off by this, because in this case, there is more than what we see.

Although it has a slightly smaller capacity, it may be exactly what you’re looking for and you don’t want to pay extra for a model with features you don’t really need.

There are three cooking functions you can put to good use (a standard function, a grill and a lower heat function), and the temperatures range from 60 ° C to 220 ° C, which is and will be more than enough for most standard meals used. to keep food warm while waiting for someone to come and get you something to eat.

Due to its small size, you can prepare meals for one or two people, reheat dishes or even cook a full pizza. A plate also fits, so you don’t have to use two platters and multiple plates to heat something up.

The timer runs for up to 120 minutes, which means you have plenty of time to spare and a handy buzzer sounds after cooking.

The controls are easy to use and each setting is clearly labeled, making setting times and temperatures much easier than some of the other models on this list.

The interior has an aluminum coating that makes it easy to clean, and there’s a garbage collector too that you’ll appreciate.

I can see this mini oven model in a small home or studio where you don’t have room for a full size appliance but still want to bake and roast every now and then. I would not recommend it for large families or meals. The fact that there is no cooktop means that you’ll need something else to be able to do just about anything that comes to your mind.


  • Ideal for small households and less elaborate meals
  • The temperature settings are easy to use and get right


  • Might be too small, depending on what you need

6 – Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen 22780 Mini Oven

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 39 x 46 x 36.5 centimetres
  • Capacity: 30 litres
  • Power: 1920 watts
  • Hotplates: 1000 watts and 750 watts
  • Colour: silver

Another mini oven with a hob that is really well designed and looks like something out of a professional kitchen.

It has a fan-assisted oven for perfect results and various settings for broiling, roasting, baking, defrosting and even baking.

The defrost feature is particularly good and much better on this model than some of the others I have found. You can of course use a microwave for this purpose, but if you don’t have one, this oven will take care of your defrosting needs. Perfect if you prepare your meals in bulk and freeze a large portion of your meals. Then forget to take them out of the freezer on time.

Another advantage of this model is that it heats up very quickly. So if you are on the go and want to get something in the oven quickly, this model is for you. I love that these mini ovens are much faster than the full size models.

Temperatures range from 60 ° C to 230 ° C on this model, which is ideal if you are looking for a model that will start at lower temperatures for whatever reason.

Like many other models I’ve found, temperatures and times are a bit tricky to measure, but the most important (and arguably the most commonly used) options are clearly identified. But if you want to be very specific, it will be a challenge, I must say.

One downside to the baking sheets is that you can’t use them at the same time as the oven, but they heat up a bit when the oven is on, so in theory you can simmer something on the baking sheet or keep a warm dish. the same to do. Not ideal, I have to admit.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot adjust the temperature of the hob. So when you bring something to a boil, you can’t just turn the heat down and let it simmer – you have to turn it off completely and use the residual heat for that purpose. This means you need to carefully watch everything you place on the hob.

After all, the oven door isn’t clear, so you’ll have to open it every time to peek inside. Another potential pain, and not quite the norm, so I’m a little confused with this feature.

All in all, I would suggest this as an addition to any other oven you might have, or as a standalone oven in RVs or on boats, as the oven is really good and if all you need for cooking is one. kettle, agree with the characteristics of the hob.


  • Great defrost option
  • Hobs are powerful enough to get to a boiling point


  • Temperature of the hob can’t be reduced
  • Oven door is not clear
  • Can’t use oven and hob at the same time

7 – Klarstein Omnichef 20 2G Mini Oven

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 52 x 44 x 40.5 centimetres
  • Capacity: 30 litres
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Colour: red

Klarstein is a brand that I first explored when we bought our tabletop dishwasher.

This mini oven has 5 different cooking functions and can range from 100 ° C to 230 ° C – not ideal if you need something lower, but should be fine for most cooking needs.

It also has a rotisserie function which can make cooking chicken or other meats even easier.

It comes with a skewer and a handle for the skewer (plus the usual baking sheet and grill) that other models don’t have and could be a very nice addition.

The timer lasts up to 60 minutes which can also be a downside if you are looking for something with longer cooking times. You may need to come back and turn it back on.

On the flip side, it’s big enough to feed more people as its capacity is 30 liters – more than most of the models I’ve talked about so far.

Put simply, this is a complete model from a well-known and reliable brand, which is mainly why it is on this list. It works well and has drawbacks that can be found in other mini ovens as well.


  • Heats up fast
  • Small and compact, and with a great, bright design


  • Adjusting temperatures will involve a bit of guesswork
  • The timer only goes up to 60 minutes

8 – Andrew James Mini Oven with Hob

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 47 x 30.5 x 36.5 centimetres
  • Capacity: 24 litres
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Colour: black

If you upgrade to another mini hob, this time from Andrew James, this one is compact and easy to use and perfect for families with two (or one) families.

At the top there is a double hotplate, which has its own independent control and has 700W each. They can both be used at the same time and at the same time with the oven, making them a great little device. The baking sheets are ideal for cooking and preparing the ingredients.

The downside of hotplates is that they cannot be turned on and off and the temperatures cannot be adjusted. Keep this in mind before making a purchase.

This mini oven has a removable rack and the usual baking sheet.

This also has a handle that allows you to add things and take them out of the oven when it’s hot.

The oven itself can be heated to 230 ° C, and the problem with the default temperature controller is that not all of the numbers are clearly marked on it. However, this seems to be a normal downside to most mini ovens, so nothing new there.

However, there is no timer so you have to keep an eye on your dish during this as well.

This Andrew James model is also quite light and easy to transport with only 9 kilos. You may want to take it with you in a trailer or on a boat.

In short, another interesting mini oven to check out, compare and contrast with the other models I have listed so far.


  • Small, light and compact, easy to carry around
  • The hobs and oven can be used at the same time


  • No timer
  • Temperatures on the hob can’t be adjusted

9 – Tower Stainless Steel Mini Oven with Double Hotplates and Rotisserie

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 56 x 33 centimetres
  • Capacity: 42 litres
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Hotplate: 1000 watts and 600 watts
  • Colour: black

In all fairness, I wanted to find a mini oven that is larger than the others just to see how it compares to the smaller models.

This seems to be the biggest and highest rated model out there, but correct me if you find or have something this big but performs better than this one.

Its capacity is 42 liters, which is significantly higher than some of the other models I have reviewed. Therefore, it is suitable for larger meals and will probably work even for a larger family that does not have enough room for a full family – a large oven.

While talking about the best mini oven, It comes with two hotplates, but they cannot be used at the same time as the oven. They can be used independently or at the same time, but there is no way to adjust the temperature of the baking sheets, so it is enough to give them wings. Far from being ideal, I agree with you on this point.

The oven itself, like most other models, can go from 100 ° C to 230 ° C. You can also use three different oven settings and the timer lasts up to 60 minutes.

This model comes with a wire rack, baking sheet, roasting fork and handle which should come in handy when in use.

I would say the main draw of this mini oven is the size and quality of the oven. If you can ditch the somewhat lacking features of the hob, this is still a decent device that can save you a lot of space.


  • Larger than other models
  • Still compact enough for smaller kitchens


  • The temperature of the hobs can’t be adjusted

10 – NETTA 35L Electric Mini Oven with Double Hotplate

Best Mini Ovens
  • Dimensions: 54.3 x 39.8 x 41.2 centimetres
  • Capacity: 35 litres
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Hotplates: 800 watts and 600 watts
  • Colour: silver

This is another larger mini oven model, this time from Netta, which also comes with a double hob.

The hob and oven are controlled by the same thermostat – but the good news is that they can all be controlled, which is an advantage over some of the other models. From my research, the baking sheets and the oven can still be used at the same time.

While talking about the best mini oven, It comes with a 120-minute timer and temperatures can reach 230C – both should be good enough for most dishes. You can extend the cooking time at any time by turning it back on if necessary.

It heats up quickly and is as easy to use as any other mini oven – but the individual thermostat can take some getting used to.

It comes with a wire rack and baking sheet like all the other models we’ve talked about.

All in all, another well balanced model that fits into small spaces and does a great job of baking, broiling or roasting anything you can add.


  • Larger than other models, but still compact
  • The temperature of the hotplates can be adjusted


  • Will take some getting used to the controls

What To Consider While Buying The Best Mini Oven

Reviews of the best mini ovens

While you probably don’t go wrong with the mini oven of your choice, there are still things to keep in mind while on the go.

In no particular order I would say they consist of the following:

Size: Much depends on the size of a meal you plan to cook in your mini oven and how much space you have available. Make sure you look carefully at the positioning.

First of all, don’t consider using an extension cord on the mini oven – it may not be powerful enough to carry the electricity you need and all kinds of problems can arise. Also keep in mind that it will be hot.

While talking about the best mini oven, So don’t exactly put it on the fridge. Also be sure to take into account the size of the dish to put in it. When we bought our wall oven, I had no idea that none of the larger trays we owned would fit.

Power: the more watts the mini-oven has, the more energy it consumes and the more efficient it is. Depending on what you are looking for in terms of energy efficiency and speed, you should check the performance of the model you have chosen.

Speed: The speed depends directly on the performance of a mini oven. This determines how long it will take the oven to preheat and how long it will take to do the job. If you are often time consuming and need an oven to get the job done quickly, go for something more powerful.

Timer: Most mini ovens are equipped with a timer. You have to tell them how long to work. Make sure it’s a reasonable amount of time – at least an hour, I would say.

You may need to turn the oven back on if you are roasting something particularly long. So keep that in mind too. There will also be mini-ovens without a timer. So think carefully about whether this is a deciding factor for your particular case.

Features: Most models come with two heating elements (one above and one below) and in most cases can operate independently. This is useful in all kinds of situations: imagine frying a chicken instead of making a pizza.

While talking about the best mini oven, Features you might want to consider (and find) include baking, roasting, and grilling, to name just the basics. You can also search for fans and hobs and determine if you need them.

Temperature range: Think about the temperatures you need for the preparation of the meals you have prepared. If you need to cook something at a low temperature of 100 ° C, you should not go for a mini oven with the lowest temperature of 150 ° C. The same goes for the higher temperature ranges.

 What I’ve learned about the best mini ovens 

Tower T14012 23L Mini Oven - Black | Appliances Direct

Having based this review entirely on research, I have to admit that there are a few things that apply to most mini oven models.

While talking about the best mini oven,They all seem to come with all the drawers and other tools you need to use them well.

Using the baking sheet and oven at the same time can be a challenge with some mini ovens.

Hobs in general are not the best addition in some cases as their temperatures cannot always be controlled.

Most ovens have different settings which are very useful for different purposes.

The temperature and timer controls can be quite onerous, and getting them right can be a challenge at times. Not ideal for dishes that require very specific temperatures or cooking times.

While talking about the best mini oven, Overall, I can say that the mini oven is a great little gadget – if you’re short on space or time, it can be a great addition to your kitchen.

Of course, do your own research, take a look at the models I have found and let me know what you think.

A Final Word

If you end up buying a mini oven (or if you already own one) let me know how it behaves – I’d like to know how it actually compares to size in real life, with real meals and for real families.

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