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The answer is yes!

Many people ask me: Can a Nutribullet be used to grind coffee beans? Coffee beans are ground very effectively by the Nutribullet. When compared to the magic bullet and ninja, it does such a nice job.

For your Nutrillet to grind coffee to a fine texture, you must do so in small batches.

Nutribullet blenders will produce inconsistent grinds if you add half a bag of coffee beans.

As a result, you might ruin the motor of your blender by overworking it.

Pour-over brewing is typically done with a medium grind; drip brewing requires a finer grind.  Blending your coffee with a medium-fine grind is your best bet, but the flavor will be stronger and more pungent.

To compensate for the more pungent flavor, try shortening the brew time or the brew temperature.

A normal home blender is a great coffee grinder alternative as established because the blade system will chop the coffee beans just like a conventional coffee grinder.

It would be better if you have a blender that has a grinder setting, which is perfect for chopping coffee beans.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the Nutribullet. You may be a coffee drinker and your question is can Nutribullet grind coffee?

Yes, indeed you can use the Nutribullet to grind coffee. Over and above making your favorite smoothie or slushie, the Nutribullet can give you coarse or fine coffee depending on what you want.

The Nutribullet is a versatile machine that comes with two blades that you can interchange as per need. It has the milling blade and the extractor blade.

What Sets the Nutribullet Apart From Other Blenders

What Sets the Nutribullet Apart From Other Blenders

The NutriBullet can provide drinks that are more nutritious and beneficial than traditional blenders and juicers. How? By pulverizing all types of food much more than a normal blender ever can.

The original 600-watt NutriBullet rotates at a speedy 20,000 rpm. The powerful motor pulverizes and liquefies everything that comes in contact with its blades.

The magic of the Nutribullet is in how it breaks up the cell walls on your food. This frees up all the good-for-you minerals that we wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. The manufacturers wanted to make use of all that yummy goodness. So they came up with the NutriBullet, or the ‘superfood nutrition extractor,’ as they like to call it.

Best of all, the NutriBullet is compact, portable, and easy to use. The basic models don’t feature variable speeds as you’d find in traditional blenders. You operate them using pulse controls. All you have to do is lock in the cup and twist.

Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Nutribullet?

Yes, you can grind whole coffee beans in the NutriBullet. To do that, you’ll need to remove the extractor blade (the one with four prongs) and replace it with the milling blade (the one with two prongs).

There are several reasons why a milling blade is better at grinding coffee. One, it only has two super sharp prongs. Because they’re thinner than the extractor blade, coffee beans won’t get stuck between them quite as often.

 With the milling blade installed, fill the cup with beans until just below the ‘max’ line. Finally, twist the cup and watch it start to grind away.

 To get an even grind, make sure to ‘pulse’, or run the NutriBullet for a second before turning it off. Repeat a couple of times until you reach your desired grind consistency.

Finally, store your coffee grounds in an airtight, opaque container, preferably in a dark and cool corner of your pantry to preserve their freshness for as long as possible

Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Nutribullet

Coarse Grind

If you use a percolator or a French press, your grinds should be coarse with a similar consistency to sea salt. To achieve this, fill the cup almost three-quarters full, and give the Nutribullet two or three pulses.

Medium Grind

A medium grind is best used with flat-bottomed drip coffee makers and siphon brewers. This type of grind is the common standard for pre-ground store-bought coffee.

Put enough coffee beans to fill three-quarters of the cup, then pulse about five times in one-second bursts. You want the coffee beans to end up the same size as regular beach sand. Although it’ll be finer than a coarse grind, you should still see individual particles.

Fine Grind

Another common type of grind you’ll find in stores, fine coffee is usually reserved for making espresso, with or with a machine. To get this consistency, you’ll need to run the Nutribullet in 10-second intervals for about a minute or two.

In between those intervals, remove the cup from the base and give it a little shake. Make sure the lid is tightly closed.

When you do this, you’ll notice that the big particles move down towards the blade, allowing the finer ones to take their place at the top.

Extra-Fine Grind

This type of coffee grind is also called the Turkish coffee grind’ because it’s reserved mainly for making Turkish coffee in an ibrik or cezve. It has the consistency of flour or powdered sugar.

For your whole coffee beans to reach this texture, you have to run the NutriBullet for more than two minutes, at 10 to 15-second intervals. As with fine-ground coffee, you’ll need to remove the cup and shake it a bit to ensure the grounds are evenly distributed.

Which Nutribullet Models Are the Best Coffee Grinders?

Which Nutribullet Models Are the Best Coffee Grinders

The NutriBullet is all about compactness and single servings that can hold up to 600 ml of liquid. Featuring a uniquely-designed cap, you can take the jug with you on-the-go. It’s easy to carry, won’t spill, and looks fashionably trendy. What’s not to like?

However, the manufacturers at NutriBullet decided to improve on perfection. They recently started making pitchers that are larger in capacity. These bigger models can hold up to 1.3 liters of liquid at a time.

Let’s talk about some of the best models for grinding coffee. Bear in mind that some of them don’t come with milling blades. You’ll need to purchase one separately.


Nutribullet 600

Nutribullet 600

The NutriBullet 600 is the original model. It’s a standalone single-serve unit with a 600-watt motor. The 24-ounce cup is made from BPA-free plastic, which is both durable and safe to use.

The 600 comes with only the standard extractor blade that can do just about anything. A few people have tried using it to grind their coffee, but it doesn’t do a very good job. It may also burn out the motor. That’s why it’s recommended that you use a milling blade instead to help protect the unit’s integrity.

It’s worth mentioning that the NutriBullet 600 can come in a 12-piece set, including a milling blade and other additional accessories. Yet, it’s a bit costlier.


Nutribullet Pro 900


Nutribullet Pro 900

The NutriBullet Pro is quite similar to the 600. One difference is that it features a slightly more powerful motor that operates at 900 watts with a speed of 25,000 rpm.

Another difference is that the cup has a maximum capacity of 32 ounces, which is a bit bigger than the 600. Other than that, it pretty much offers the same liquifying power that can turn solid fruits into delicious smoothies.

They’re also quite similar in their ability to grind whole coffee beans. Simply attach the milling blade, which is sold separately, and you’re good to go.

NutriBullet Pro Plus 1200

Nutribullet Pro Plus 1200

The NutriBullet Pro Plus is fast and powerful. It features a 32-ounce cap and a 1200-watt motor that pulverizes and liquefies the toughest foods, such as turmeric roots, kale, and whole coffee beans.

Like the previous models, it only comes with the standard NutriBullet extractor blade that finely chops and dices until everything turns into a thick liquid. However, it’s not cut out for grinding coffee beans. You’ll have to buy a milling blade on its own. Only then will you be able to grind your coffee at home to your heart’s content.

Nutribullet Blender Combo


Nutribullet Blender Combo

NutriBullet Blender Combo 1000 and 1200 are two examples of the newest models that feature full-sized pitchers. The 1000 model has a maximum capacity of 32 ounces, while the 1200 model has 64 ounces.

They also come with two exclusive NutriBullet cups. Simply pour the amount you want into your single-serve cup and take it with you anywhere to go.

That’s all fine and dandy, but can they grind coffee? Yes, they can! Having more powerful motors means the grinding process will only be easier and a whole lot faster.

You should know that neither the 1000 nor the 1200 models come with a milling blade. The good news is that the 1200 model has five settings to choose from: extract, low, medium, high, and pulse.

How to Clean a Nutribullet?

Nothing beats the simplicity of cleaning a NutriBullet. This is important, especially when you’re using your NutriBullet to grind coffee.

Coffee is known to absorb residual odors that can affect its taste and aroma. Some people use it as a deodorizer around their homes and even in the fridge. It’s a safe and natural alternative to baking soda.

Giving your Nutribullet a good wash before and after the grinding process can neutralize the smell. Plus, it’ll ensure that your coffee isn’t affected by whatever was in the Nutribullet before.

To clean your Nutribullet, start by removing the cup from the base. The cup itself can be washed by hand. You can also place it on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

If there are difficult-to-remove stains on the cup, fill it with warm, soapy water. Leave it to soak for several minutes before washing it again.

The base is where the motor is situated, so it must only be washed by hand. Use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Just remember to go slowly when wiping around the blades to avoid getting hurt.

Why Learn How to Grind Coffee Beans in A Nutribullet?

Why Learn How to Grind Coffee Beans in A Nutribullet

Have you noticed that professional coffee shops grind the coffee beans right before brewing the coffee drink you ordered?

They never use pre-ground coffee (and if they do, you should find a new coffee shop).

There are many factors that influence the final result of a cup of espresso, but coffee grinds play a major role. Using pre-ground coffee might save you some time, but by doing this, you sacrifice flavor.

Pre-ground coffee makes your coffee taste stale. As a coffee lover, you want to make sure that your daily cup of coffee tastes as fresh as possible.

Grinding your coffee beans right before making a pot of coffee guarantees you that fresh coffee flavor because it minimizes their exposure to oxygen, which tends to destroy the flavor of the coffee bean.

Most coffee enthusiasts recommend grinding the coffee beans thirty minutes before brewing. This is the reason why the best home coffee makers have a grinder built-in.

The only way to get the maximum flavor from your coffee beans is by grinding them shortly before brewing them.

Can I Grind Any Coffee Beans in A Nutribullet?

You can grind any type of coffee beans in a NutriBullet as long as they’re roasted. That means you shouldn’t grind green coffee beans in a NutriBullet.

Even some mills used for grinding roasted coffee beans are not suitable for grinding raw coffee beans and can suffer damage from even the first grinding attempt.

So we advise you not to try grinding green coffee beans in a NutriBullet.

Will Grinding Coffee Beans Damage My Nutribullet?

Will Grinding Coffee Beans Damage My Nutribullet

If you are careful, your NutriBullet shouldn’t suffer any damage. That’s why we recommend you grind only a small amount of coffee beans in short bursts, rather than at one speed.

You should also make sure that your Nutribullet has a “grinding setting”, before attempting to grind coffee beans.

How Else Can I Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder?

You could also use any other small extractor to grind coffee beans if a Nutribullet (or NutriBullet) does not appeal to you (or if you do not have one). Here are five more tools that can be used as alternatives to a coffee grinder. Grinding coffee beans without a grinder is harder and definitely more time-consuming than using a proper coffee grinder, but if you don’t have one on hand and you want to enjoy fresh-tasting coffee, it’s the only way to go.

Is It Better to Grind a Lot At Once Or Fresh Every Day?

While it is possible to grind a larger amount of coffee and store it for a few weeks, this is not ideal for two reasons. In addition to saving money and ensuring a fresh coffee taste every day, grinding your own coffee bean is also more convenient.

You can grind a lot of coffee beans and then keep the ground coffee for future use, but eventually, the ground coffee will lose its flavor and you will have stale coffee. You buy pre-ground coffee in the same way.

NutriBullet overheating can cause bitter, harsh reactions in the natural oils of the coffee beans when you grind a lot of coffee beans at once. We don’t think it’s worth it to spend time grinding and storing large quantities of coffee.

Can I Grind Coffee Beans in A Nutribullet

Final thoughts

In the process of brewing coffee, the coffee grind plays a crucial role. It doesn’t matter how coarse the grind is or how fresh the coffee is, everything has an impact on the end result: the taste.

To avoid too much waste, coffee lovers recommend grinding the coffee beans themselves, right before making a pot.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial means to purchase a professional coffee grinder or coffee machine that comes with a grinder. It is important for us to present you with grind coffee bean alternatives.

In terms of alternative methods, NutriBullet is by far the most convenient because it works in a similar way to a blade grinder.

The best alternative to a grinder is a professional coffee grinder, because none of the alternatives produces a fine and consistent grind. The pre-ground coffee, however, is still superior.

It shouldn’t be an impediment to enjoying the rich, full flavor of a cup of coffee if you don’t have a grinder at home.

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