How to Do/Use Pit Boss Smoke Setting? A Complete Guide

Grilled smoky meat is a delicacy and deserves to be part of global parties. However, it takes a lot of time, money, effort, and labor to get some pieces of meat grilled in smoke, and to avoid such unnecessary annoyances, you can learn about Pit Boss smoke settings. A pit boss grille gives you immense freedom to smoke your variety of food with no hazard. This article will tell you everything about using pit boss smoke settings.

It is about smile settings and how to use them the right way to gain excellent smoky-meaty flavor. It helps you attain the desired juiciness, tenderness, and smoky flavors in your food, and you get the perfect solutions for all your BBQ fetes ahead. Getting customized settings on the pit boss makes you avoid investing in a dedicated smoker. Let’s save time and money and learn how these settings work.

What Are Pit Boss Setting? 

Pit Boss is a significant and reliable name for producing grills and smokers. The company has made it possible to get the ultimate comfort and control with digital aids.

Pit Boss Setting

Whether it is temp control, different cooking modes, smoke settings, alarm, wifi connectivity facility, or more, you get everything to control with pit boss smoke settings.

What is the Pit Boss P Setting? 

The P stands for “pause” here, and you get this pause with Pit Boss grills and smokers. When the Pit Boss pellet offers you complete control of the level of flavor, it seems so delightful. It gives you the ultimate freedom of choosing the flavor level you need, which becomes possible because of this P feature. Before I tell you how it works, you can read about when to pull a brisket off the smoker

How to Use Pit Boss Smoke Setting?

Whether it is meat, poultry, fish, or any other food, you need to be aware of using pit boss smoke setting adjustments. The guide will make you learn everything you need to. From collecting high-quality wood to fill them inside the smoker, putting in to pulling out food and making it a delicious meal for BBQ lovers, you will find everything below.

1) Fill Hopper with High-Quality Wood

First, you need to collect high-quality wood and ensure it gets the best smoky feel to the whole grill. After collection, put wood inside the hopper, and now you can turn the smoker on by pressing a button only. You also need to ensure that no watery element is there to cause any malfunction.

2) Set the Temp 

Pit Boss Set the Temp 

Now, you need to set the temperature. The temp level needs to be set on the level where it cooks the food well. However, usually, the temp revolves around 150 to 180 degrees, but you can take it up to 205 degrees if you have to cook a brisket. If you fix the pit boss smoke setting too hot, you may regret it. So, keep it within limits depending on the size, cutting edges, and the level of tenderness you need. 

3) Set the Smoker

You will find a smoke button on the grill; you need to press it to turn the smile mode on. However, you can make changes in its speed to keep the balance of the smoky flavor in your food. If you need it significantly, you can increase the smoke ratio and vice versa.

If you look at the pit boss smoke setting chart, you can have a better understanding of the smoke options. If you choose one between the pit boss smoke setting or 225, the amount of smoke will vary. But the flexibility option you can enjoy with the pit boss.

4) Pull Off Food from Smokers

When you set the temp and almost waited for 10 to 14 hours, you are ready to pull your food off the smoker. Before you present the food, you need to give it a rest. The pit boss smoke setting for brisket will require at least 30 minutes of rest. In the case of veggies, you are good to wait for 10 minutes. The rest time will enhance the smoky flavor and get you a better meat-cutting facility. 

5) Clean the Smoker

Now you need to clean the smoker well enough from the inside out. Once you remove the food, let’s not leave it as it looks. Keep it sturdy, neat, and clean for subsequent usage. This practice will help you get an original taste every time you use the smoker. 

Pit Boss Smoke Setting Not Working

Any machine can go down; the same goes for the pit boss smoke settings. So, if your pit boss smoker is not working fine, you must correct it by checking out pellets or cleaning it well.

Boss Smoke Setting Not Working

You also need to check the temp, make changes in the air intake, and overall keep it sturdy. 

How Pellet Grills Work – The Basics 

The pellet grills work as an outdoor BBQ devices, and they are so popular globally these days. Collect high-quality wood, fill them in the hopper, set the temp, and now for the desired smoke level.

There are a few buttons to help you control all the settings quickly, so use them. You can also change the temp, flavor enhancement, smoke level, and cooking time, and you can do it all by using a controller only. 

How do I change the P setting in a Pit Boss grill?

You need to turn the grill on and let it be heated for a few minutes. Now, find the P setting button and press it to enter the menu. Directly, you can change the settings you need in the given scenario. It will take no time to get the job done.

What temp should smoking pit be?

The temperature depends on the type of food, and when it is meat, you are good to go for 200 to 250 degrees. On the other hand, for veggies, it will not cross 150 degrees. However, the temp may beat with the type of meat, its size, and its length. 

Can You Cook on The Smoke Setting?

Yes, you can cook on the smoke, but you should only use it for some food, especially drinkable. So, using it to cook meaty items is the best you can have it for. On the other hand, you can also use it for veggies. So, before you put the food inside, you also need to know its smoky flavor controls for better outcomes.

I hope you are familiar with the pit boss smoke settings now. All you need to understand is temperature science and what temp will suit what kind of food. Choosing quality wood is also necessary. It is not good to set the temp high to speed up the cooking process; it will ultimately ruin the taste and flavor. So, to gain all the taste, tenderness, juiciness, and texture, you need to be calm while cooking in a smoker. Moreover, giving a rest to the food is also necessary for a better smoky flavor.

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