Best Wood Pellets For Smoking of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For those who consider smoking a hobby or a career, pay special attention to selecting the best wood pellets for smoking and consider it an extremely important task .  

To give you a better idea of ​​how important this is, imagine learning how to season your grill.

In fact, when you smoke, not only do you make the meat smokier, but you also create a unique flavor based on the different woods. Not to mention the mixture of different woods, which also give the meat a different richness.   

My reviews will likely show you a shortcut and save you more time choosing from the hundreds of wood pellets on the market.

What are the best wood pellets for smoking?      

Wood pellets are fuel pellets made from sawdust which are pressed at high speed and therefore compacted into small pellets.

Wood pellets are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than some fossil fuels.

There are also wood pellets for heating. This type of granule contains chemicals and other substances that are toxic to your health, so you cannot use it for cooking.   

Wood pellets versus wood chips   

Both are available in different flavors. Wood chips are small pieces of wood about 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Wood chips burn faster and generate less heat than wood pellets.      

Wood pellets and wood chips are easy to use. However, with wood chips you have to go along with adding more material if your smoker runs out of wood while cooking.   

Finally, wood chips should be soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before smoking.

Best Wood Pellets for Smoking – Reviews

It’s time to take a look at the pros and cons of the best wood pellets for smoking products on the market.

1. CookinPellets Mix wood pellets for smoking               

(Best overall)

CookinPellets Mix Wood Pellets For Smoking

It is very convenient to buy a single pack and get four different wood pellets. CookinPellets contains four hardwoods: walnut, cherry, hard maple and apple.            

This wood blend is suitable for almost all types of meats, burgers and pizzas.

Plus, CookinPellets weigh up to 40 pounds for long-term use. The product packaging is designed as a bag; Therefore, you do not need to move the wood pellets to another container or container for storage.            

CookinPellets warrants that smoking wood pellets does not void the manufacturer’s warranty for your pellet smoker .                 

Main characteristics:

  • 100% hardwood
  • 100% mastic free: no oak or alder mastic
  • Mix of four hardwoods
  • Delivered in bulk
  • The warranty manufacturer does not expire        


  •       Easy to store
  •       Convenient to use
  •       Inexpensive smoking pellets
  •       Works well with all types of pellet smokers.


  •       These wood pellets can leave a fair amount of ash after use.
  •       Inconsistent quality

2. Louisiana Grills Cherry 55404 wood pellets for smoking      

(Best budget)

Louisiana Grills Cherry 55404 Wood Pellets For Smoking

Pennsylvania Cherry Pellet is a 40/60 blend of cherry and maple. All materials are sourced from North America to ensure product quality.   

Louisiana Grills Cherry 55404 has a slightly sweet flavor that is ideal for light meats such as chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetables. They also give your meat a pink tint.   

These wood pellets burn slowly and evenly over a longer period of time for perfect results.  

It is packaged in bulk at an affordable price for economical use.

Main characteristics:

  • Slightly sweet cherry flavor
  • Add great flavor to meat and seafood.
  • Burns slowly and evenly
  • Little dust


  •       Price to pay
  •       Fantastic flavor and smoke
  •       Economical bulk size
  •       Covers many smoking options


  •       These granules seem to produce more ash than expected.           

3. Traeger EL328 wood pellets for smoking      

(Ideal for beef)

Traeger EL328 Wood Pellets For Smoking

Traeger Grills EL328 wood pellets are made from three hardwoods: oak, mesquite and walnut, perfect for smoking meat.      

In my opinion, buying such a mixture is very convenient. You don’t need to think about which wood pellets to buy for cuts of meat. The manufacturer has already done this for us.        

Traeger grills are known for their variety of wood pellets for smoking and other appliances. All wood pellets are made from 100% hardwood with no binders or fillers.   

The material is sustainably sourced and manufactured by Traeger in the USA.

They ensure even heat, even smoke and excellent nutty flavor. You also leave the meat with a delicious crust.     

The company strongly recommends replacing gas and charcoal with wood pellets.

Main characteristics:

  • USA product
  • 100% hardwood without putty
  • Blend of oak, mesquite and walnut hardwoods
  • Offers nutty, sweet and strong flavors .


  •       Well known brand
  •       Greatly improves the taste of meat.
  •       Give the meat a good crust.
  •       Convenient to use


  •       Expensive
  •       Wood pellets can get clogged if you store them improperly.

4. Bear Mountain Hickory wood pellets for smoking      

(Ideal for burgers)

Bear Mountain Hickory Wood Pellets For Smoking

Bear Mountain owes its reputation to its quality products and excellent customer service.

Their wood pellets work well with many branded barbecues and smokers on the market. They are also natural hardwoods with no flavors, fillers or additives.   

Another special feature is that Bear Mountain wood pellets contain little moisture, burn quickly and generate large amounts of smoke. Therefore, it is ideal for making juicy smoked burgers.     

Plus, walnut wood enhances the flavor of pork, even chicken and beef.

It comes in an affordable 20 pound plastic bag.

Main characteristics:

  • USA product
  • Natural hardwoods – no flavors, fillers or additives
  • Less humidity for perfect smoke
  • Big smoke
  • Little dust and ash


  •       Easy to heat
  •       Works well with many grills and smokers.
  •       Ideal for burgers


  •       These wood pellets are packaged in fairly thin plastic bags. Therefore, I recommend storing them in a different container.      

5. Louisiana Grills Georgia Pecan Wood Pellets For Smoking      

(Ideal for chicken)

Louisiana Grills Georgia Pecan Wood Pellets For Smoking

These Louisiana Grills wood pellets contain Georgia pecan wood, which is suitable for all smoking options.

They are food safe with no artificial flavors, sprays, adhesives or chemicals. Louisiana timber is harvested in North America to ensure consistent quality over time.   

You can use these wood pellets to mix them with other woods in their own proportion to create the nice mix of flavor and smoke you want.  

Finally, walnut wood pellets are great for smoking chicken. Its flavor goes wonderfully with meat to prepare delicious dishes. You should try this combination as soon as possible.      

Main characteristics:

  • Georgia Pecan Wood Pellets
  • Natural hardwood with no artificial flavors, spray scents, adhesives or chemicals
  • From North America
  • Less dust


  •       It can be mixed with other flavors of wood.
  •       Choose all smoking options
  •       Ideal for chicken
  •       Burns evenly


  •       Wood pellets can dissolve if you do not store them properly.

6. Get apple pellets to m smoke         

(Ideal for Turkey)

ASMOKE Apple Wood Pellets For Smoking

This product combines perfectly with anything you want to grill. They give meat, fish and vegetables, especially turkey, a light and sweet flavor.   

The apple pellets Asmoke are in good condition and manufactured without fillers or binders. So they burn cleanly with minimal ash and less grill cleaning.         

This apple wood is harvested by hand in real orchards and transformed a few days after harvest to maintain its freshness.

The granules smoke are made from pure wood apple only, so you have the opportunity to grill your food with authentic flavor and natural without a hint of artificial flavor.       

Main characteristics:

  • Only high quality apple wood
  • 100% natural mixture without additives or other chips wood    
  • Light and sweet taste
  • Consistent quality


  •       Come in good shape and quality.
  •       Hand-picked wood
  •       Enhance the flavor of anything you grill
  •       Clean and low in ash


  •       Expensive
  •       Would be nice if they were available in a large pocket size

7. Smoked alder wood pellets for smoking        

(Ideal for salmon)

Smokehouse Alder Wood Pellets For Smoking

Choosing wood pellets for salmon? You are in the right place. These wood pellets are made from a special blend of Texas mesquite wood and Pacific Northwest alder wood.        

Alder woods are known for their neutral and balanced smoke . When it comes to smoking salmon, nothing beats alder. For this reason, I recommend choosing smoked alder wood pellets for any grilled salmon recipe.      

The taste of these granules is all natural, so they are food safe and give your ingredients an authentic taste.

In addition, they dry completely so as not to burn too much. And as it burns, the smoke covers the entire grill for delicious, flavorful meat.   

Main characteristics:

  • Comes in a 5 pound bag
  • Special blend of Texas Mesquite and Pacific Northwest Alder Wood
  • Totally dry for a quick warm-up.
  • Bitter crust removed
  • Totally natural


  •       Easy to use
  •       Excellent smoke quality
  •       It smells great and brings incredible flavor to your food.


  •       After a bit of smoking these wood pellets may catch fire and you will need a spray nearby to use them.
  •       In some cases , you may need to microwave them for additional drying.

8. BBQR’s Delight apple flavored wood pellets for smoking      

(Ideal for cheese)

BBQR's Delight Apple Flavor Wood Pellets For Smoking

If you prefer softwood for smoking cheese, BBQR’s Delight Apple Flavored Wood Pellets may be your first choice.

The flavor of these wood pellets complements the cheese and gives it a wonderful taste than before. While 1 to 2 hours is recommended for a full smoke, it’s also important that your cheese is fully exposed to the smoke for the perfect flavor.   

It has a capacity of 20 pounds and can be used almost 20 times . If you don’t cook often, this high volume will suffice, because if the wood pellets don’t store well, they will get a little damp.     

This product also pairs well with beef, chicken, pork, fish or vegetables.

Main characteristics:

  • 100% wood
  • Mixture of 1/3 apple wood and 2/3 oak wood
  • Goes well with all smoking recipes
  • Packed in 20 pound bags
  • Provides nearly 200 uses per bag


  •       Natural, light and fruity flavor
  •       Ideal for smoking cheese
  •       Affordable
  •       Little dust


  •       This product may not be suitable for Rec-Tec smokers. Therefore, please contact the seller for more information before purchasing.    
  •       A lot of ash may remain after cooking

9. Pellets wood BBQrs Delight Jack Daniels to smoking                

(Ideal for the chest)

BBQrs Delight Jack Daniels Wood Pellets For Smoking

If you want a touch of charcoal in your dishes, buy pellets wood BBQrs Delight Jack Daniels. I like to use it to smoke the chest. To match the flavor, I often mix Jack Daniel’s wood pellets with hickory.              

Since the brisket has to be smoked for hours, these 100% natural hardwood pellets play a vital role in creating the authentic flavor of the brisket.  

It’s up to you to customize the mix as you wish. You can also use these wood pellets directly, but the flavor is quite strong.   

These pellets burn cleanly and leave a minimum of ash.

This product is highly recommended for many pellet smokers and uses in the market.

Main characteristics:

  • Natural oak with aromatic wood   
  • Even burn with even heat
  • Cleaning fire
  • Strong taste


  •       Poor ash
  •       Easy to use
  •       Adding aromatic charcoal to food        
  •       Mix with other wood pellets


  •       Expensive

10. A-MAZE-N apple wood pellets for smoking  

A-MAZE-N Apple Wood Pellets For Smoking


A-MAZE-N apple wood pellets contain only apple wood, without mixing other types of wood like alder or oak.

In terms of taste, this product will add a mild, slightly sweet and fruity flavor to your food. In addition, its characteristic aroma comes from 100% natural apple wood without the addition of sealants, binders or oils.             

For a quick heating, you can microwave wood pellets for further drying before use.

These pellets work well with electric smokers, pellet grills, charcoal grills or propane grills to enhance the smoky flavor when cooking.

Main characteristics:

  • 100% apple wood
  • Natural product without the addition of fillers, binders or oils.
  • Light, sweet and fruity aroma
  • Strong packaging


  •       Natural and authentic flavor
  •       It is small in size for convenience.
  •       Excellent smoke quality
  •       Ideal for pork


  •       It may take a little longer to light the fire.
  •       Due to its 100% apple wood, it costs much more than other wood pellets on the market.

11. Traeger Grills PEL314 Pecan Wood Pellets For Smoking

Traeger Grills PEL314 Pecan Wood Pellets For Smoking


Why not add the aroma of smoke to your pizza for better bites? Traeger Grills PEL314 Walnut Wood Pellets make your pizza taste better than ever, especially with bacon on top .         

These pellets are made from 100% natural hardwood which does not add any binders or fillers to preserve the original natural flavor.

They are sustainably harvested and produced by a renowned Traeger company in the United States.

Wood pellets burn well with even heat and do not leave a lot of ash.

In terms of quality, the moisture-to-smoke ratio of Traeger Grills PEL314 Pecan Wood Pellets is maintained at 5% to ensure thick smoke for your cooking.

Main characteristics:

  • Natural walnut hardwood
  • No binders or fillers
  • Slow and steady burn
  • The humidity / smoke ratio is maintained at 5%.


  •       Well known brand
  •       Good geschm ack  
  •       Poor ash
  •       Burns fast and lasts longer


  •       The smell may be too sweet for some types of meat.

12. Pit Boss competition mixing wood pellets for smoking          

(Ideal for ribs)

Pit Boss Competition Blend Wood Pellets For Smoking

I love the smell of these wood pellets when cooking and the meat, especially the ribs, seems to be completely covered with the aroma of wood.

I usually have Pit Boss Competition Blend wood pellets in my pantry because they are versatile and practical. You can use them with different recipes while achieving perfect results.   

Plus, you don’t have to figure out how to mix different woods before grilling and smoking. This product saves me a lot of time and energy so I can concentrate on preparing the meat and other ingredients.     

Finally, they burn hotter and cleaner for the perfect flavor and create nice crusts for your meat, vegetables and other foods.

Main characteristics:

  • 100% natural wood
  • Wood from all over North America
  • It didn’t add flavors or fillers.
  • Comes in 2 x 40 pound packs for extended use
  • Great smoke and flavor


  •       Versatile
  •       Ideal for smoking ribs
  •       Burns clean and hot
  •       Suitable for a wide variety of smokers.


  •       There may be a fair amount of sawdust in the bag.
  •       The size of each wood pellet may be larger than that of other products. So if you want to cook slowly and slowly, consider another option    

13. Products for smokers Cherry wood pellets for smoking

Smokehouse Products Cherry Wood Pellets For Smoking


Cherry is one of the most versatile woods due to its mild, slightly sweet flavor. That is why smoking or roasting meat with cherry wood is an easy way to dramatically improve the taste of food without a doubt.   

Products for smokers Cherry wood pellets are my favorite product for smoking pulled pork and other light meats.

Contains 100% Cherry Wood with Pacific Northwest Alder Wood. When burned, they form a thick smoke and coat the cooked meat so that the meat is imbued with the smell of smoke throughout.     

Alder wood provides more balance in the mix, making these wood pellets suitable for all types of smoke, including cheese, beans and other foods.

Main characteristics:

  • Made in the USA
  • Burning slowly and evenly
  • Sweet and light flavor with a touch of astringency.
  • 100% hardwood without additives or sealants.


  •       Works great with flue pipes
  •       Make a lot of smoke
  •       Versatile


  •       It may be a little smaller than expected. So if you cook a lot, consider buying a size larger. or use alone to mix with other woods     

14. Lumber Jack BBQ 7 types of wood pellets for smoking   

Lumber Jack BBQ 7 varieties Wood Pellets For Smoking


If you don’t know how to choose the flavor of wood pellets for your smoked dishes, try the 7 Lumber Jack BBQ Wood Pellets, which come in 7 pound packs of different flavors.

You can take the time to taste them and you can also mix them to suit recipes. There are apple, cherry, walnut, walnut, maple, cherry, mesquite and maple.   

They are easy to use and do not need to be soaked before cooking .      

Lumber Jack BBQ 7 types of wood pellets give your food excellent smoky flavor and make it taste better.

All in all, this is a fantastic starter kit for beginners who are about to discover lots of recipes for smoking, grilling, and grilling as a hobby.

Main characteristics:

  • Made in the USA
  • Come in Combo 7 packs with different tastes
  • Available in 1 pound bags
  • Pairs well with boxing smokers, electric smokers, pipe smokers or tray smokers


  •       Trusted company
  •       Easy to use
  •       It allows you to taste the flavor to find your favorite.
  •       Give your food great flavor


  •       The bags are small; For what therefore they are more suitable for pipe smokers.          

15. Camp Chef Competition mixing wood pellets for smoking   

Camp Chef Competition Blend Wood Pellets For Smoking


This product is an excellent wood blend for smoking. It gives excellent flavor to meats such as ribs, pork , chicken, fish or steaks .                 

These pellets are made from 100% maple, walnut and cherry wood with no flavors or fillers.

I think this combo is good for everything and for people who do n’t want to change the pellets every time they cook.      

Camp Chef Competition mix is less dusty and produces minimal ash when cooked.

Finally, Camp Chef has great customer service that you can contact if you have any questions or need help with products.

Main characteristics:

  • Made in the USA
  • Made of 100% natural hardwood.
  • Food grade pellets
  • No charges or fixings
  • Combination of 3 types of hardwoods including maple, walnut and cherry


  •       The granules come in a beautiful shape
  •       Easy to use
  •       Unique smoke flavor
  •       Low humidity
  •       Burn clean


  •       These granules may burn faster than expected.

How to choose the best wood pellets for smoking   

The choice of wood is very important, as it will determine the overall result of your cooking. Below is a list of the best wood pellets for smoking.   

Walnut wood pellets

On a flavor power scale, the nut is in the middle. Hickory is better than pork. The medium strong aroma of these granules makes the meat taste richer and tastier. Besides pork, it is also good for chicken and beef.            

Cherry wood pellets

Cherry is my favorite wood for its versatility. When it is burned, the icing off a soft fruity flavor and not overwhelming you can confidently add to the meat.   

There is no way for beginners to go wrong with this flavor. In short, you can use it with all smoking options.   

Alder wood pellets

Alder is my other favorite wood for beef and salmon. Alder is often used to blend with other woods to balance the overall flavor. Complements the flavors of beef, chicken, pork, seafood, baked goods and vegetables.      

Oak wood pellets

Oak can enhance the flavor of almost any food you grill and smoke, including baked goods, fish, and beef. I recommend mixing it with different flavors for best results.   

Mesquite wood pellets

Mesquite is the strongest of all flavors. Nothing beats when it comes to smoking beef and poultry.   

Pecan wood pellets

When you pair it with beef, chicken, baked goods like pizza, and veg, you’ll be amazed at how good your food is. Pecans add richness to what you cook.   

Apple wood pellets

Apple is the most popular flavor to smoke because it pairs well with a wide variety of recipes. If you want to add a light and slightly fruity aroma to the meat, buy apple wood. You can also try it with chicken, pork, vegetables, burgers, and pastries.      

My best choice

My reviews have rounded up 15 of the best wood pellets for smoked products on the market. Hope this helps you come to a conclusion and find your best flavors for your next weekend barbecue.   

And my favorite products are CookinPellets Mix for smoking wood pellets because of their ease of use, versatility and rich flavor.                         

Hope you hear any grill and roaster enthusiast or well masters in the reviews section on the best wood pellets to smoke.  


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