Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger Grill?

Traeger and Pit Boss are the two most prominent brands to consider for those searching for the rich, smoky flavor that pellet grills provide. While talking about the Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger Grill, A wood-pellet grill gives your food a unique taste that you don’t experience with a gas or charcoal grill. Moreover, they’re perfect for slow-cooking at low temperatures.

There are a few leading brands for wood-pellet smokers you should consider if you want to add a new cooking method to your backyard barbecue. Here is a comparison of Traeger vs Pit Boss pellet grills that we compiled after comparing features and reading user reviews.

Use of Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger Grill

Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger Grill

Wood-Pellet Grills: Traeger VS Pit Boss

By cooking your food over a wood-pellet grill, you get the flavor of food cooked over hardwood while maintaining a precise temperature. Grills with flat plates are very versatile – many Traegers and Pit Boss models can be used both as grills, which can reach temperatures of 500 degrees, and as smokers.

Additionally, both brands feature digital temperature controllers to ensure more precise temperature control. Additionally, wood pellet grills offer a variety of flavors that you can subtly add to your food.

In addition to traeger vs pit boss, both Traeger and Pit Boss offer a mix of wood flavors that are exclusive to their respective brands.

While talking about the Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger Grill, People generally don’t have a problem with Pit Boss pellets, and they are cheaper than Traeger pellets. They tend to turn into sawdust when heated, but that is not always the case.

It is important to consider the size of the pellet grill before purchasing it. Pit Boss and Traeger both sell a variety of sizes, but Traeger offers a broader range of cooking space if you need a very small or very large grill.

In addition, you need to think about your grill’s mobility. Is it suitable for bringing along to a tailgating party or for fishing? Both brands have to produce portable grills, but Traeger specializes in smaller, more portable models.

The company Traeger has been making pellet grills for the longest time, and it tends to put the most innovative technology into its grills. Compared to the competition, Pit Boss pellet grills are more affordable and come with a five-year warranty.

Pit Boss comes at a price, though, since the user gives up several features that many people enjoy when grilling.

History of Traeger

Traeger History

It was Traeger who created the first hardwood pellet grill over 30 years ago. Traeger’s pellet grills are still one of the best-selling brands despite its patent expiration.

While talking about the Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger Grill, This company continues to be a leading innovator in this field. In 2017, Traeger installed a Wi-Fi controller that enabled users to control the grill’s temperature through their smartphones or tablets. As the design spreads, in 2020, three of its product lines will feature WiFIRE Technology.

What is the location of Traeger grill production? The brand once produced Traeger grills in the United States, but now sources the products from China.

History of Pit Boss Pellets

Pit Boss Pellets History

By using leftover sawdust from lumber mills to compose wood pellets, these grills reduce the amount of waste generated by the industry. In the beginning, the wood is crushed and then shredded before being compressed.

This causes the lignin to heat up and soften, a naturally occurring polymer within plant tissue. During the manufacturing process, the pellets are passed through a small hole in a die, and compressed. In addition to cooling the lignin after compression, the lignin also acts as natural glue for the pellets.

As soon as the pellets have been prepared, they are cut into the required length before packaging.

Pit Boss VS Traeger Grill Wood Pellets

Pit Boss VS Traeger Grill Wood Pellets

Pit Boss and Traeger make their wood pellets differently from one another, although it may seem unlikely that two almost identical products could differ when competing brands make them.

While talking about the Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger Grill, There is no specific reason any of the grills will be ruined by using pellets from the opposite company’s range. Still, knowledge is power, and with this knowledge, you can choose the most suitable brand for you and the grill or smoker.

Types of Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets come in a variety of types. Quality is a determining factor in how these types are classified. Ash content is related to quality; the higher it is, the lower it’s quality. Pellets are categorized into three main types in the context of this article.

Standard Wood Pellets:

Wood pellets form the basis of the whole pellet industry. An extremely high percentage of ash is present in these trees. By-products from the forestry industry are most often used to make them. Some of these pellets may have additives or artificial binders, making them unsuitable for cooking or smoking.

Food-Grade Wood Pellets:

Food can be smoked or cooked with these pellets. Neither chemicals nor additives are used in their manufacture.

Premium Wood Pellets:

We are talking about the best quality wood pellets. Furthermore, they do not contain bark, nor do they contain additives, chemicals, or synthetic binders.

This means that their ash content is less than 0.5%. These types of wood are more expensive than lower-quality or food-grade wood because of their quality. Additionally, these wood pellets usually come flavored with flavors that give a distinctive smell and taste.

Pit Boss Wood Pellets:

The hardwood pells produced by Pit Boss are 100% all-natural and sourced from sustainable sources. After drying the hardwood completely, the sawdust is ground into an excellent powder. A process of extreme heat is applied to the dust after it’s been ground, resulting in pellets compacted.

Their natural lignin keeps them from breaking apart. You can choose from various infused flavors, including HickoryMaplePecan, and many more.

Traeger Grill Wood Pellets:

The pellets made by Traeger are made from hardwood and underwent the same process as the pellets made by Pit Boss. Although Traeger uses flavor oil to help enhance the flavor of their pellets, they do not use flavored oils to preserve the flavor.

The natural oils in these products are safe and can be used on and around food; however, their flavor is not comparable to that of Pit Boss. As a result, that shouldn’t be an issue as you can usually use Traeger pellets in your Pit Boss, so switching between the two shouldn’t be hard.

Benefits Of Wood Pellets

Benefits Of Wood Pellets

1. Size of Pellet

It is important to take into account the wood’s size. What is the reason? Smaller sizes also result in shorter cooking and smoking time even though all wood burns eventually. The smoke from wood chunks is steady, but the smoke from wood pellets moves much quicker.

2. Convenience

Pellets can be used as easily as wood chunks, although wood chunks can be difficult to use. You can leave them unsupervised for some time without having to watch them constantly.

3. Clean and Healthy

Pellets made of natural wood, such as food-grade and premium pellets, are 100% natural and 100% safe for use in air conditioning. Additives are usually not present in them.

4. Versatile

Small enough to come in a variety of flavors, these pellets are available in a wide range of sizes. It is the perfect smoking alternative for those who love experimenting with different types of tobacco. Does a particular combination not appeal to you? Try a different blend proportion or a variety of blends!

Differences Between Traeger Grills and Pit Boss Smokers?

Differences Between Traeger Grills and Pit Boss Smokers?

It is possible that you might be wondering why a Pit Boss can use Traeger pellets and why grills are different than smokers.

  • By doing this, you can better comprehend how wood pellet complexities can impact both the result of your process and the mechanical configuration of your machine.
  • There are differences between Traeger Grills and Pit Boss Smokers (and usually grills and smokers, in general) principally in their mechanical operation, the temperature at which they reach while cooking, the cooking time, and the flavor they produce.
  • From these differences, you can imagine how the wood pellets you would use in the machine (and the food you would cook) might directly affect the machine. If you are going for the best wood pellets, you want one that won’t become too ashy, one that won’t crumble if you apply a lot of pressure, and one that will add the flavor that you are going for.

Mechanical Differences In The Function

Grills and smokers look similar from the outside, but they are very different in terms of operation. As you grill, you are using direct heat to transform raw foods into cooked ones rather quickly. Smokers use indirect heat – the opposite of what you do with a stovetop. Here is a closer look at how that works internally for smokers and grills.

You’ll have to heat the grill using electric power, charcoal, or gas. Food comes into contact with all of these points nearby. (Compared to a smoker) the food is cooked near an open flame.

Mechanical Differences In The Function

 Grills allow you a lot of flexibility when it comes to what you can cook, but they cannot grill thick cuts of meat due to the close proximity of the heat and where the outside ends up scorched without cooking the inside.

Smoking truly thick pieces of meat is possible with an indirect heat source, such as one found in a smoker. Regardless of the type of smoker, they all use indirect heat such as a water pan or a wood chip pan at the bottom to cook at high temperatures without getting too close to your food.

Although their methods vary, they all utilize slow cooking at low temperatures and indirect heat. Cooking on a grill is much more difficult, as you cannot control the temperature, and also the smoky flavor is difficult to produce.

The quality of wood pellets is the most important consideration when comparing grills and smokers based on the mechanical differences between the two products.

In terms of both temperature and timing, you need one that provides you with adequate heat. With Traeger pellets for your Pit Boss, you should have heat that is enough both in the cooking area and the chilling zone.

Flavors Produced by Pit Boss vs. Traeger

In this article, we’ve discussed the differences between these cooking machines, but one last point deserves attention: flavor. While the difference between grills and smokers may seem insignificant to some of you, when you put them side by side, they have entirely different tastes.

Your family and you will ultimately be dealt the biggest blow here. There are two types of things or two types of comparisons, and each can be deemed superior to the other depending on what you prefer. Every individual has his or her own opinion.

Grilling gives you a more “hit and miss” taste. I’m not saying this in a negative way, but the flavor will likely spread intermittently depending on how the meat is fixed during the grilling session.

Flavors Produced by Pit Boss vs. Treager

Those grill marks on the chicken pack a punch and add a nice variety to every bite when it comes to flavor variety. The flavor will also be a little more charred (not to the point of being undesirable) than smoked.

With a smoker, the taste comes out exactly as the name suggests: smoked. When you smoke, your food is completely surrounded by thick amounts of smoke that permeate your dishes.

In fact, that smoke can be flavored through the fire source you are using, such as pellets. You can have pellets that come from a variety of fruit trees, which are more neutral like maple and alder, or slightly more robust pellets like Mesquite, Hickory, and Oak.

Variation In Cooking Temperature

Now you understand how different they are and a lot has to do with how things are heated in a gas grill and smoker. So let’s proceed with the temperature.

Basically, grills are made for cooking at high temperatures to cook food quickly and smokers are designed for cooking food on low and slow. Consequently, their use of temperature is very different when cooking the same products.

For a grill, if you want to fry some burgers, you’ll probably turn up the heat and let those meatballs cook so you can have the perfect exterior with a cute pink interior.

To do this you probably wouldn’t keep your grill at a low temperature; it should be relatively high to ensure the meat is cooked properly without completely cooking the inside. Even if you choose to cook something on a lower heat, a grill will do it much faster.

For a smoker, however, you can already prepare your dishes at 160 degrees. Due to their low and slow cooking goal, most users will likely cook at very low temperatures to ensure their dishes are cooked slowly so they are tender and full of that smoky flavor.

Variations In Cooking Temperature

Surprisingly, high heat smokers can be used to mimic more than one grill function for cooking things like bacon or braising. Then double-check the specifications of the wood pellets you intend to use to make sure they are of high quality and intended for use with a high-quality Traeger or Pit Boss grill. Not all pellets are as high quality as these well-known brands,



Grilling can be an experience that many of us can quickly fall in love with and become addicted to. To do this, however, you need to make sure you’re using the right products for you.

It is recommended that you experiment with a few different cooking pellets as this will help you find the right blend for you. As previously mentioned, some woods may be better with different meats, so this should be a big factor in your decision.

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