How To Slice Brisket in 5 Simple Steps? 2022 Guide

Meat lovers can relate to how delicious is a brisket to eat. Planning to eat Brisket and preparing it for a long time, Not slicing it proper can ruin Brisket. Cutting a brisket is not a bed of roses for many. But it is not much tricky if learned through the easy process. A brisket cut diagram can help you understand its different parts. Properly cutting a brisket can double the deliciousness of this beautiful dish.

How to Buy Brisket from Store?

The Brisket is an essential and muscular part of beef. Brisket comes from a place of the body that an animal most exercises. It can lead you to how to buy a perfect brisket. Brisket has two essential parts. Stores mainly offer the Brisket as a whole. They also provide two muscles separately. It is better to purchase the whole Brisket. The same modified temperature can cook two parts together. It will result in the same juicy taste for both muscles.

How To Slice Brisket

Two Muscles of Brisket:

As we mentioned earlier, Brisket comes in two different muscles. They separate with an extra line of fat in them. It can help you to differentiate between two parts of Brisket easily. Slicing brisket can be easy after differing the two main muscles of the Brisket.

Two pieces of the Brisket are called the Point & the Flat. Point is a thick part of the Brisket, primarily available in the upper left direction of the Brisket. As suggested by the name, the Flat is the flat part of the Brisket. The Flat is mostly more extensive than a point in size, but it is flat and thin.

When to Slice Brisket?

If not sliced on time, cutting the slices late may ruin a carving brisket prepared at a high temperature for an extended period. However, the first question that arises in our mind is What Temp to Slice Brisket? The temperature to slice brisket must be around 150 to 170 Fahrenheit. Brisket in the grill is smoked chiefly at around 195 Fahrenheit.

Carving brisket can melt you to waste no time and slice it in a hurry. But it would help if you relaxed about that. Doing it in a rush can ruin the brisket treat for you. You must be thinking about When to Cut Brisket after Smoking? Keeping it for an hour or two can be best before slicing. It will cool down in that time. Its juicy and moisty flavour will spread once again in the meat. Waiting for a specific time after smoking can double the joy and taste of well-carved Brisket.

Ingredients of Slicing Brisket

Ingredients of Slicing Brisket

Cutting a brisket in thin slices depends upon the three main things. There are some essentials you must have before starting the process.

  • Ready to Eat
  • Large Cutting Board
  • Long Serrated Knife

Steps to Slice Brisket

By reading our information about cutting a brisket, you might feel it is technical or hard to perform. So, we have made it easy for you to slice a brisket with some easy-to-follow steps. As we mentioned earlier, there are some things that you must have before starting to cut a brisket.

After smoking it on the grill, prepare it as per your sliced brisket recipe. The second thing you must do is keep it out of the grill for 2 hours. That will cool it down a bit, making it easy to taste. Cooling it down can also allow the inner part of the meat to get moist in every corner of the flesh. After that, there are some steps you should follow to slice your Brisket conveniently.

1) Ready to Eat

Ready to Eat

The first and most crucial part of slicing is ready to Eat. It would be best to slice the Brisket when ready to eat. Brisket should be served and enjoyed quickly after cutting if you are not prepared to eat. You just scored it and placed it somewhere so that you may get ready. That will remove all of its moisture and tenderness. The sliced meat will no longer be juicy. Experts say that prepare yourselves to eat the Brisket before slicing it.

2) Sharp Serrated Knife

The next step in slicing the Brisket is to have a sharp serrated knife. A knife that is not sharp will ruin your slices. A plain but not serrated blade is not suggested for cutting a brisket. Cutting a brisket needs a specific serrated knife that is 10 to 15 inches long.

Sharp Serrated Knife

You will place the brisket meat on the large cutting board. Then you will start the subsequent work of slicing with your serrated knife. The size of the cutting board should also be large enough to cut the Brisket in a single blow.

3) Trim Down the Extra Fat

Brisket comes from a specific part of the body. It is pertinent to mention that the muscular function of the body also has some extra fat. Borders of the Brisket will be full of the extra fat lining. It would be best if you did not try to trim the excess fat from borders before the grill. It needs a mastery of hands to trim the excess fat without smoking.

Trim Down the Extra Fat

It can ruin the shape of your Brisket. It would help to cut the extra fat after smoking when Brisket comes out of the grill. It is left to get a bit cooler. It would help if you trimmed the excess fat at that time. A juicy and tendered meat will be easy to cut at that time.

4) Cut the Point and Flat Separate

Brisket consists of two main parts. The thick part is called the Point. The second and thin part is called flat. Point and flat overlaps leach other in most conditions. An extra line of fat is bordered naturally between both of them. The fat line between the Point and flat helps you differentiate between muscles.

A brisket grain diagram can help you to distinguish between two of them. You should cut the Point and flat separate. Separating both the muscles from each other can help you to slice them with ease. It is also helpful because the inner part of both the muscles is different in thickness from each other. It is necessary to separate the Point from the flat.

5) Slice the Flat

Slice the Flat

To slice the Brisket conveniently, you should try to cut the flat first. A serrated knife can work wonderfully well in scoring the thin part of the Brisket. This one is the most technical part of slicing a brisket. One should cut the Flat against the grain.

How to Slice a Brisket

How to Find a Grain?

As we said earlier, finding and cutting against the grain in both parts is the most technical part of slicing. The thing that matters is How to find a Grain? You can look for grain by trimming one corner in small size from Brisket. Grains are muscle fibres aligned naturally.

Somehow, if you fail to cut against the grain, the muscle fibres will remain in their place and become hard to eat. To chew it in this manner is challenging. So, after trimming it from a corner, you should find the direction of the muscle grains and then cut against it.

It is coming back to the Point. Slice the flat part against the grain. Try to be gentle with your serrated knife. Cut it firmly but with soft hands. This step must have answered your question of How to slice Brisket Thin? Cutting the flat part of the Brisket against the grains will keep the tenderness and mist the meat. It will give you a delicious experience. After following this step, “How to Slice Brisket Flat” is not a tough one anymore.

1) Slice the Point

Slice the Point

Slicing the Point makes the dish stand out in several words. This grill brisket will feel juicier and more tender when appropriately scored. To cut the Point against the grains, you need to adjust your knife with a 60- or 90-degrees angle. Hold the knife firmly because the Point of the Brisket is thick compared to the flat.

Hold the knife firmly but slice the tendered meat smoothly. Cutting the Point in small and thin slices is an art. It will create an extra juicy and moist flavour in the core. A cutting point against the grain is necessary. This must-have answered your question How to Slice Brisket Point?

2) Cut the Meat Candies

Cut the Meat Candies

The last cuts of Point and Flat are going to be much smaller. They will be hard to cut. They are also known as meat candies. A good diner will serve the meat candies in style. These small slices at the end are like cherry on top of this juicy meat. It will increase the quality of the Brisket. You are going to love these meat candies with brisket slices.

Summary Note on Slicing Brisket

Overall, the steps mentioned in the article will help you have the best experience of cutting a brisket. Placing it in the high temperature of the grill, getting it out of the grill and cooling it down to have a juicier experience, following the steps to slice the Point and the flat, trimming the extra fat before slicing, now you need to enjoy this wonderful dish of yours. The method of serving the sliced Brisket is not a tough one, a bit technical It can learn through our mentioned steps.

How to Slice Brisket Against the Grain?

Brisket consists of two parts mostly, the Point and the flat. To slice Brisket perfectly, you must cut it against the grain. Grain means the orientation of muscle fibres at the inner side of meat. To enjoy the best taste of Brisket, you must slice it against the grains. To cut it against the grains, you should trim the tip or side of one corner to check the pattern of the grains.

How to Cut Brisket for Sandwiches?

That depends on the type of sandwich shapes you want to make. To cut Brisket for sandwiches, you must adequately grill it. It should be left for one to 2 hours to spread some moisture and tenderness in it, and you should slice it as per requirement. You can use the meat candies left at the end as a burger or sandwich brisket. You can cut it against the grain by keeping the serrated knife firm and smooth. This way, you can make thin and long slices.

How to Slice Brisket for Competition?

Slicing a brisket is not an easy task. It will be great to perform it with due diligence from start to end. Even if you participate in a brisket cutting competition, you must maintain the same number of steps and essentials. Pay good attention in a competition to check the direction of grains. Once you find the grains, use the extra-long serrated knife to cut the Brisket for competition.

How to Slice Brisket Franklin or Texas Brisket?

Texas brisket or brisket franklin is slightly different from the regular Brisket. The main difference is that it has both parts of Brisket unbroken. It weighs more than traditional Brisket. To slice this better, you should have smoked it slow and steady. That can help to cut the big Texas brisket slices with the help of a long-serrated knife. It is the same pattern of how to slice a brisket meat church.

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