Nutribullet Vs Juicer | Difference & Comparison | Which is Best?

In ancient times, juicing was a popular practice. In addition to providing nutrients to people, raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs have long been used for their healing potential.

Recent years have seen an increase in raw food juicing popularity. Commercial juicers and blenders are becoming increasingly popular in the home for creating healthy and tasty juices, smoothies, and other drinks.

In today’s market, you can find many different types and models of juicers, each offering its features. If you don’t do a decent amount of research, you will have a harder time deciding which Juicer will work best for you.

While it’s easy to get bogged down in the very detailed specifications of different juicers, the comparison shown below is for general informational purposes – Nutribullet vs. Juicer.

What is a NutriBullet?

We’ll get right to the action and talk about the NutriBullet. My favorite thing about this blender is how modern it looks. There are a million things I can do with it, and all of them have improved my lifestyle. NutriBullet is the perfect addition to your kitchen once you learn about it.

At first glance, you may think the NutriBullet resembles a blender. As a modified blender, the NutriBullet operates this way. As a result, foods can be loaded into their upright chamber and blender until smooth with ease.


NutriBullet’s jug is shaped like a bullet, unlike other blenders. All kinds of foods, from fruits to nuts, can be blended down more effectively. Additionally, NutriBullets offer 2 options – a personal size and a standard size. There is a maximum liquid capacity of 600 ml in each model. Large models are capable of holding 1.3 liters at a time.

This model makes just one serving at a time, as its title implies. This type of jug also has a special cap that allows it to be transported without requiring cups to be transferred.

There are two types of blades that can be used in the NutriBullet. In the first type of blade, fruits and vegetables can be chopped rapidly and easily. As the second blade, it is specifically designed to grind up nuts, fruits, and vegetables. 

What are the Health Benefits of NutriBullet Blenders?

What are the Health Benefits of NutriBullet Blenders

NutriBullet has been my favorite blender for quite some time. It had not been lab-tested when I saw it at that time. It was not designed to deliver any health benefits, so I cannot claim that it does. Although I don’t know much about the performance of this blender, there are a few things that I do know.

  • NutriBullet has done an excellent job, first and foremost. It always comes out with the perfect texture no matter what product I put in.
  • The pulp from the pulping process is also not wasted, so no product is wasted. A vitamin burst can be added to your drink by adding fruit or veggie pulp. This blender keeps that all in, so that’s a good thing.
  • As a result, the NutriBullet breaks down vitamins and minerals more quickly due to its speed. It takes a long time for traditional blenders to crush their materials.
  • These nutrients are denatured by friction, which heats them up. The NutriBullet’s quick blending will ensure that you won’t encounter that problem.

What is a Juice Extractor?

Besides my juice extractor, I also use a food processor. It is almost always used by me to make fresh-squeezed juice for my family. I no longer plan to buy juice from a store at this point. As such, I have peace of mind knowing my Juicer is making my drinks healthier.

Juice extractors are basically what they sound like based on their name. For those of you who are unfamiliar with juice extractors, they are kitchen appliances that separate the juice from the pulp.

Several techniques can be used to accomplish this. However, all juicers are prized for their ability to remove friction from the juicing equation.

Juicers are available in a range of shapes and sizes. According to its primary juicing method, a juicer’s shape and size will differ. At present, centrifugal and masticating juicing are the two most popular methods. Fast juicing and slow juicing are often referred to as similar.

What is a Juice Extractor

There are a variety of methods of juicing, but fast juicing is probably the most common. Juice is extracted by placing produce in a central chamber.

By spinning a bladed disk rapidly, the produce is chopped into smaller pieces. Produces will leak juice when this happens. During this process, all remaining pulp is collected and output separately. 

On the other hand, slow extraction is less common. Some, however, swear by the performance of slow juicers. The products must be manually inserted into these units as well.

A narrow chamber is used to crush the product after it has been fed into an auger. Human chewing is modeled in this way. This results in more juice coming out over time.

Similarly, some juicers are operated manually, while others are operated electronically. It is generally considered to be more efficient to use electronic models.

Similarly, manual models allow a user to better customize the pressure that is applied to their product. Particularly for people who are looking for juice for its nutritional value, this can be important.

What is Juicer’s Health Benefits?

What are Juicer's Health Benefits

It depends on the type of Juicer you use to decide whether it is healthy. For example, slow juicers preserve more of the nutrients locked in produce. Since these machines don’t tear produce, they cannot cause this problem.

  • The juice comes out instead by pressing them. Furthermore, the gentler process introduces little friction, which could cause the nutrients to degrade.
  • The health benefits of fast juicers are lessened. Because of their rapid operation speed, these units may tend to “chop” up nutrients.
  • Even so, the unit’s speed does make it easier to operate. In this way, on-the-go users will be more able to replace unhealthy beverages with these appliances.
  • The same holds for homemade juice, as it’s likely to be a healthier option compared to the juice from the store. Preservatives and processed sugar are both present in those juices.
  • When it comes to removing those from our diets, our Juicers can be relied upon. This also benefits home juicing in terms of saving money, which can be viewed as a benefit.

NutriBullet Vs Juicer | What’s the Difference?

A Nutribullet juicer beats out a traditional juicer whenever possible, so what’s the difference? These machines may appear to be very similar from a distance, but their output differs a great deal.

The NutriBullet vs. a Juicer - What's the Difference

Having learned what Nutribullet and Juicer do, let’s compare the two to see how they differ.

Making of Juice

Fruits juicers extract the juice from them and give you only the juice. The pulp and rind aren’t in it, and it’s watery. The juice made from juicing is easier to drink and tends to taste better.

Fruit and vegetables are ground down so that they can be juiced with the Nutribullet. Furthermore, the juice it produces is dense and closer to a smoothie than regular juice. Because they are made with fruit pulp or vegetable rind, they end up tasting bitter.

Nutritional Factors

A juicer uses a lot of fruits or produces to produce juice. Therefore, juice made by a juicer will contain more vitamins and nutrients than juice from a blender. Fiber is its only deficiency.

The pulp and rind are included in the juice when made with a Nutribullet, although fewer fruits and vegetables are used. The result is increased fiber intake, although nutrient and vitamin content is relatively low. 


A juicer’s sole purpose is to extract the juice. There is no way to use it for other tasks. Nutribullet machines are more like blenders, and their powerful motors can grind flaxseed and cashews into powder. So a Nutribullet is, in the end, better suited to being kept in the kitchen than other blending instruments.

Time Needed for Preparation

The Nutribullet is hands-down the fastest and easiest way to prepare juices and smoothies. This powerful blender can easily grind fruit and vegetables, and its dual use as a cup and blender allows it to whirl much faster.

With the Nutribullet, you can make juice on the go. On the other hand, Juicing is a much more complicated process, so it takes more time.

Ingredients Required

Fruits and greens are used in both the Nutribullet and Juicer. Unlike other blenders, the Nutribullet is less expensive and can be used with whole fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables must be cut before adding them to the Juicer for them to function.

Size of Machine

A juicer takes up more space and is much bigger than a blender. Nutribullet’s size is considerably smaller.

Price and Maintenance

Most Nutrillet blenders cost less than some juicers, though it varies. It can also be cleaned more easily because it makes less mess every time it is used. It is not always the case that Juicers can be put in the dishwasher.

Nutribullet and Juicer Comparison

Nutribullet or Juicer – A Closer Look

It’s important to note that a juicer gets rid of over 95% of the pulp, whereas the Nutribullet leaves you with its juice. You feel satisfied longer with the Nutribullet since it contains plant fiber. In comparison with a Blender, a juicer will consume more products.

Some Facts About Nutribullet Blender

The Nutribullet resembles an extremely powerful blender. It turns whole fruits and vegetables into smoothies, which have a much thicker texture than extracted juice because they contain all of the pulp broken down along with the juice.

When you juice or blend fruits and vegetables, juicing or blending helps you feel fuller for longer and can be part of a weight loss plan.

In addition to avocados and bananas, which are forbidden in juicers, Nutribullets can blend other ingredients to assist you in creating the perfect smoothie; for instance, milk, ice, yogurt, nuts, nut butter, vitamin supplement powders, etc.

Other Facts About Nutribullet

Nutribullet blenders can also serve as food processors, making it easy to make quick and healthy snacks like guacamole or hummus, and soups, and with a milling blade, they can even grind grains to make flours and nut kinds of butter.

Furthermore, a Nutribullet is also less expensive to buy and use overall – not only is the nutribullet less costly to buy, but because you are using whole fruits and vegetables, you will use less of them at a time. This will help keep your grocery bill down. Nutribullet’s minimal footprint and easy cleanup make it the ideal Juicer for any kitchen.

Some Facts About the Juice Extractor

A juicer’s greatest draw seems to be the juice that can be consumed immediately after it is made. If you use a juicer to juice fruit, you’ll get juice that looks like what you’d purchase in the grocery store, and you won’t need to add any additional ingredients or water.

A common complaint from extraction juicer users is that they enjoy the juice more because they know they are not tasting any bitter rinds and pulp from the fruits or vegetables they are using. It would help if you also consumed juice made with a juicer at room temperature, as it tastes best at that temperature.

Other Facts About the Juice Extractor

As a result, juicers are better able to extract nutrients from items such as leafy greens or root vegetables such as beets or carrots, which can be a bit tricky to synthesize when blended whole. You can juice rather than eat your vegetables if preparing a big plate of produce seems difficult to you!

Some believe that since more fruits and vegetables are used in making juice, you will receive more vitamins and antioxidants in each glass since the juice is absorbed into your body more quickly, which means you get a greater dose of both. This boosts your energy. The energy that a glass of juice provides is definitely a plus.

Is there a disadvantage? It takes a great deal of time to clean a centrifuge. But you should be prepared to give up counter space if you decide to go for a juicer. When you plan to use a juicer often, you will probably be forced to leave it outside rather than storing it in a cupboard.

You also need to make space in the refrigerator for all the juice ingredients – juicing requires a lot of ingredients. Read the comparison: Nutribullet Vs Vitamix

Final Verdict | Which One is Best?

That’s the question everyone asks! It’s up to you – it’s a simple answer. In this Nutribullet vs. Juicer compassion, the victor really lies in your own personal tastes and preferences. 

There is no question that both machines are very good at what they are designed to do. Although we chose to compare the Nutribullet with the other single-serve blenders, it’s not the only one out there. The nutribullet has the advantage of being easier to clean, but part of that is due to the lack of pulp left in the nutribullet.

 Similar to a juicer, a nutribullet could shred whole fruits into juice but not produce the same amount of healthy fiber as a juicer. Another person may see a disadvantage in what might be seen as an advantage by another person! In the end, the choice is yours.

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